Do not leap into your own business, unless you want to fall!

I don’t believe in “leaping” into business, so I arm women with the tools to step into a business with confidence and survive in the business arena.

I know I don't have the most popular business coaching advice, because I know there is no easy path to starting a business.

I won’t fill your head with inspiration and then pretend it is empowerment. You won’t hear me telling women I have the secret to making a six or seven-figure income in just 6 months. There is no secret, no magic fairy dust and you most likely won’t be super successful in the first year.

Running a successful business is incredibly tough, but worth it. I have been in the business arena for 17 years, and I wouldn’t have created my life any other way. It wasn’t easy though and there were a lot of hard lessons along the way.

If you want to start a business, let me help you do it sustainably and successfully.

If you are like many of my clients, you are sick of your job, but don’t want to lose the security and lifestyle you have become accustomed to.

You feel like you are between a rock and a hard place. You are damned if you leap and damned if you don’t. You are not sure what to do, so you just keep doing what you are doing, without a long-term goal in sight.

You probably have tried a few things to make your work life shift: worked your way up the corporate ladder, tried negotiating for more flexibility and pay, switched jobs or even looked into more education.

You have seen programs that talk about “leaping” out of the corporate world and into your own business, but you know they seem too good to be true. You aren’t willing to put your time, energy and savings into empty promises and slick marketing scams.

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

I specialise in coaching women to start and build a business the right way from the beginning so they experience more fulfilment, financial security and freedom.

I have worked with women for the last 17 years to start and grow businesses so they achieve long-term happiness and success.

I can help you determine what you really want in your work life, the best path or business to get you there and the next steps. Then I can systematically help you build a business over time while you are still in your job or doing something else on the side.

I have worked with lots of women who "leaped" before they created the stability and foundation for their business, and I have learned over almost two decades that this is NOT the ideal way to do it. I can work with you to create a transition plan so there is more stability and sustainability to create a business and life you will love.

I also fully understand all aspects of business inside and out, and I can help you navigate both the emotional roller coaster and physical aspects like marketing and lead generation.

I have combined my most effective coaching practices into my WOMEN ENTERING THE ARENA™ program and they are specifically tailored to women wanting to build a business sustainably and over time.

Here are a few reasons why my coaching program works better than other coaching programs out there:

  • I have had 17 years in the arena working one-on-one with women like you, across the globe.
  • My coaching has been tested, evaluated and adjusted over almost two decades of actual hands on work with women in business.
  • I have a gift of being able to determine whether a business idea is feasible or in helping women determine what they really want from their work life.
  • I facilitate and customise my program to work with your individual needs and circumstances.
  • I work from the inside out, so we handle the internal battles first and then design your business to work for you.
  • I help you create a sustainable long-term business or help you create the work life you really want.
  • I offer real strategies and skills that help you improve your life and relationships, not just your work life. It is part personal development and part professional development.
  • I have curated and tested trustworthy partners to help you build all aspects of your business, including marketing, lead generation, implementation experts, web designers, graphic designers, copywriters and more. I only offer these resources to my clients.

I can help you before you "leap".

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My coaching process starts with three easy steps...

1.First Month

The first 30 days is the foundation of the program. We work one-on-one to get a clear picture of your strengths and gifts, assess your business idea and determine your direction. We also focus on defining your business model, target market, service offerings and pricing. You will come out of the first month with more clarity, certainty and definition around your business.

2.Second Month

Before you do any building of branding, websites or social media, I am going to help you validate and test your services and pricing. This is where you are going to practice talking about your business, selling your services and ensuring there is a market for what you want to offer. This is one of the most important parts of the program and I will support you to make sure you succeed.

3.Third Month

We spend the third month looking at ways to grow your initial wins and validated services. By the end of the program, you will have a service that has been tested and packaged and be ready to grow sustainably and successfully. We create a first year plan so that you know your focus areas for the next year.

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A Few Success Stories

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Sonya was a godsend to my business!

"Sonya listened to me on a very deep level and helped to bring forward my greatest gifts, my greatest passion, and then translating that into a business model. She is unique and special and very, very gifted at what she does. It is a very good investment to create a business on a very solid and inspired foundation. I highly recommend Sonya.

Marianna Kurko
Entrepreneur, Songstress, Mother & Healer

"As a fledgling “soloprenuer,” Sonya helped me find my way through all the business start-up noise. Through her sessions I was able to truly connect my business passions with who I really am. Her business, marketing and design savvy is amazing, and her strong, supportive, coaching approach empowering! If you’re looking for answers on how to achieve forward progress in your business or in life, look no further, Sonya Stattmann will help you find the way!"

Kay Stroman
HR Advisor

“Sonya Stattmann changed the course of my business last year after just one 1/2 day coaching session. In such a short space of time, I gained a better understanding of where I wanted to go and how to go about it.
Sonya has a real knack of getting you to open up, dig deeper and really tackle the things that are holding you back. I have continued to work with Sonya over the past 8 months as her clear-cut advice and her years of experience in business is invaluable. She has been there and done it and knows exactly what you are going through. I can't recommend her enough and feel enormously grateful I came across her in my early days as an entrepreneur."

Joyce De Bakker
Virtual Operations Manager
Joyce De Bakker