You can get out of the mess you are in and I can help you do it.

It happens, sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of one hell of a mess in our business or career.

Maybe it is a challenging partnership, a conflict in the workplace or a money situation that has gotten out of control.

If you are like a lot of my clients, you have already tried to just keep going. You have probably tried to get out. The more you have tried to unravel the mess you are in, the more entangled you find yourself in it.

Now your personal life, relationships and health are starting to suffer. You’ve stopped focusing on what you really want long term, because all you can think about is the conflict you are dealing with right now.

If you are at the point where every option to get out of the situation is a nuclear option, then it is time to get some support.

I am an expert at tackling tricky situations.

I have to be honest, it probably won’t be easy. You didn’t get into this situation overnight and you won’t get out of it immediately either.

The good news is you will have an advocate to help you every step of the way. It might be some tough love, but if you are willing to dive into the real problem, then I can help you sort out the right solution.

I specialise in getting to the cause of a conflict, beyond the symptoms and the surface solutions so you can find freedom and balance again.

I have worked with hundreds of women for the last 17 years in their businesses and careers, and I have had the opportunity to navigate some very messy situations.

I have combined my most effective coaching practices and life experiences into my WOMEN UNDER SIEGE™ program and they are specifically tailored to women who need to break free from the battle in their business or career right now.

Here are a few reasons why my coaching program works better than other coaching programs out there:

  • I have dealt with a lot of sensitive situations, so I am discreet, non-judgemental and able to help you gracefully deal with your current situation.
  • I have had 17 years in the arena working one-on-one with women like you, across the globe.
  • My coaching has been tested, evaluated and adjusted over almost two decades of actual hands on work with women in the business world.
  • I can help you get to the actual cause of your conflict and help you find clarity and peace.
  • I facilitate and customise my program to work with your individual needs and circumstances.
  • I work from the inside out, so we handle the internal battles first and then deal with your situation one step at a time.
  • I offer real strategies and skills that you can use long term, not just in this moment. It is part personal development and part professional development.
  • I will support you to get out of the situation and I have curated and tested trustworthy partners to help you every step of the way from lawyers to accountants.

I can help you break free.

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How does WOMEN UNDER SIEGE™ work?

My coaching process starts with three easy steps...

1.First Month

The first 30 days is the foundation of the program. We work one-on-one to assess where you are right now, determine direction and immediately start to handle the challenges you are facing in your work life. You will come out of the first month with more clarity, space and freedom.

2. Second Month

This program helps you stabilise and gain confidence in your work and life. I work with you to handle any conflicts, communication issues and barriers to your achieving your long-term goals and ideal lifestyle.

3.Third Month

We spend the third month continuing to make gains on your new systems and start to look at long-term growth. By the end of the program, you will be back in control of your life, clear about next steps and feeling more ease and fulfilment.

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A Few Success Stories

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If I hadn't had this session, I would have just kept going in circles.

"THANK YOU, SO SO SO much for the emergency session. It was INVALUABLE. I’ve had subsequent difficult talks and am navigating some tough stuff and it’s all with a little Sonya on my shoulder cheering me on. So many big things came to a head that day and our session helped me see them for what they are and trust myself. I stood my ground in my talks and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that if it weren’t for our session."

Lacie Taylor
Math for Keeps

“I have been afraid of moving forward with what I know to be true and after today’s session I have clarity and I know what I need to do and I am ready to take the next step."

Naomi Sipus
Owner and Designer
School Pride Accessories

"One of the most positive decisions I ever made was deciding to invest in myself by participating in a series of Sonya’s sessions. The sessions helped me look at circumstances in a new light and now the authentic way I approach my life and relationships is leading to ever increasing career success and more meaningful relationships."

Michelle Cohen
Sales Representative