Why marketing is probably NOT the problem you are having in your business!

My latest FB live on why marketing is most likely not the problem you are having in your business!

Why is this important?

Because too many amazing women in business are limiting their success by continuing to seek out marketing solutions, when fixing their business foundations is the real problem they need to address.

What are some of the business foundations I focus on:
- A Very specific target market that is aligned with what you want and can deliver. A target market that allows you to give your BEST service.
- Your offer, packaging and pricing. Not only what will bring you more income, but what will also allow you to have more impact. My work focuses on ensuring you are less "busy" and enjoying the work you do.
- Your sales process. This means you have a sales process, but you also are converting your leads and prospects into amazing clients.

This is why focusing on marketing and getting more clients in the door isn't effective if you haven't nailed all of your business foundations. You will convert very few of these leads to sales. You will waste so much energy, time and money.

This is how many people are complicating their business and losing their ability to impact the world.

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