One of My Favourite Success Stories

I have been blessed to work with many women over the years, so honestly, I have a lot of stories, but I wanted to highlight one of my favourites.

Why? Because this woman had the courage to refine her business and make some of the hard choices that are required for success.

A quick introduction: Lacie Taylor is the founder of Math for Keeps. She created a pretty amazing system for accelerating the success of math students who were having trouble keeping up with their peers. We started working together in 2011.

When she came to me, she was wasting so much time, energy and money in her business.

She was in a constant state of overwhelm and struggling financially. She really wanted to find a coach that would tell her HOW to run her business. Of course, that wasn’t what she got with me.

Instead, we uncovered that her greatest obstacle was not trusting her own instincts and often doubting herself.

Women struggling to value themselves is the most common obstacle I see in women's businesses, in any country, in any industry and at any level of success.

This struggle with value bleeds into every aspect of business, from pricing and marketing to setting boundaries with clients.

We spent a little over a year working together and we worked on her business from the inside out. We raised her pricing, created a better business model and re-branded, but the most important work we did was internal.

What she took away from that first round of coaching was a huge improvement in her ability to make decisions and trust herself.

Four years later I received this:

"Thank you…still. I'm hiring again, and this time for UPPER MANAGEMENT positions!!! So I'm pulling out all my Sonya tools- which still serve me. It all applies PERFECTLY to what's happening now, only I'm at a whole new level. Those sessions are still paying off!"

One thing I often tell women is that building a business is an evolution. You are constantly evaluating and evolving.

I kept in touch with Lacie over the years via email and in 2016 we started another level of her business' evolvement.

She had spent a few years trying to scale her business, and on some bad advice went about doing it the wrong way. She found herself in some hot water. She had hired the wrong team, invested in some of the wrong places and in trying to scale her business, she almost sank it.

We started looking at what was working and not working in her business structures and in her team. We quickly started making the changes that needed to be made to get her business back on track.

For our second round, the most important work we did was on boundaries and communication.

We cleaned out her team and I helped her with some tough conversations. She had the courage and boldness to deal with the internal struggles she had around setting boundaries and utilising her personal power.

She saved thousands of dollars a month in her business, but we saved a priceless amount of her energy that was being drained by her situation.

A few words from Lacie

"MY NEW LIFE!!!! I keep referring to myself as Lacie 2.0. Things ARE really good - not someday maybe in the future when I get x, y, and z done… they are REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW. I haven’t worked a single weekend hour for months. Many weeks since then I’ve also taken a complete Friday and/or Monday off too. Everything is still getting done. The important things. I have wins all over the place lately but these are big and pivotal and a direct result of my Sonya coaching"

You have to take a look at what is getting in the way of your success and be willing to dive deeper into the cause.

Lacie was ready for change and she transformed her life and business.

Are you ready for transformation?

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