These are real success stories, not marketing highlights.

I won't promise you 10x growth in your business or career, or focus our efforts on building you a 6 or 7-figure business.

What I am going to offer you is even more important: the confidence, the clarity and the skills to create anything you want for the rest of your life.

See the success stories below.

What I love about working with Sonya is the clarity!

"I came out of that session thinking that it was the best investment I had made, and to this day, I continue to tell her that. She enabled me to come back to me, and to do what I love, in a strategic and beautiful way."

Kelly Tsagournos
Career Coach
Kelly Tsagournos

Clarity and direction is what drives results.


“I felt very out of control, like a car without a driver, just going anywhere. We got so clear in the session on who I wanted to work for and who I wanted as my client. And the next morning at 9am, I received a phone call from this exact person that I described as my ideal client. So that was true manifesting power in getting clear on what I wanted and what I was all about."

Joyce De Bakker
Virtual Operations Manager
Joyce De Bakker


“Don’t be surprised when you meet her that you will be dealing with a completely different situation that you thought going in, but what this provides you with is clarity, continuity and a better understanding of you and where you would like to take your business. That is what makes her very different to other business coaches: she allows you to find out who you really are and where you should actually be taking your business. not telling you where you should be taking your business.”

Felcity Ford
321 WaterGo Lusty

“I have been afraid of moving forward with what I know to be true and after today’s session I have clarity and I know what I need to do and I am ready to take the next step."

Naomi Sipus
Owner and Designer
School Pride Accessories

"One of the most positive decisions I ever made was deciding to invest in myself by participating in a series of Sonya’s sessions. The sessions helped me look at circumstances in a new light and now the authentic way I approach my life and relationships is leading to ever increasing career success and more meaningful relationships."

Michelle Cohen
Sales Representative

I've come so far since our first days of working together!

“I’m hiring again, and this time for upper management positions! So, I am pulling out all my Sonya tools – which still serve me after years. It all applies perfectly to what’s happening right now, only I am at a whole new level. Those tools are still paying off!”

Lacie Taylor
Math for Keeps


Success doesn't happen overnight, but once you find clarity and direction, is a series of right choices and actions taken each day in the arena.

Some of the skills that really help you navigate the arena are: owning your value, clearly defining your business or career model from the inside out, staying focused and aligned with your goals, and really recognising what an asset you are to the world. These are the skills my clients walk away with.

The key to success is learning how to navigate the arena.


"Sonya listened to me on a very deep level and helped to bring forward my greatest gifts, my greatest passion, and then translating that into a business model. She is unique and special and very, very gifted at what she does. It is a very, very good investment to create a business on a very solid and inspired foundation. I highly recommend Sonya.

Marianna Kurko
Entrepreneur, Songstress, Mother & Healer


“I did 3 phenomenal sessions with Sonya, which blows my mind, because of the shifts and changes that have happened over the last 12 months and the growth of my business. The work that I have done with Sonya has been so profound for me all around internal shifts. Basically Sonya helped very quickly and easily to fully understand my value and what I had to offer people. I had no doubts anymore of my value and what I had to offer. That was a big factor in my business, very quickly, becoming very successful.”

Cath Gillespie
Owner and Mindfulness Coach
The Calm Institute

"As a fledgling “soloprenuer,” Sonya helped me find my way through all the business start-up noise. Through her sessions I was able to truly connect my business passions with who I really am. Her business, marketing and design savvy is amazing, and her strong, supportive, coaching approach empowering! If you’re looking for answers on how to achieve forward progress in your business or in life, look no further, Sonya Stattmann will help you find the way!"

Kay Stroman
HR Advisor

“We started working with Sonya when we had found ourselves floundering in our business with no clear purpose and starting to feel we had lost direction and passion. Sonya helped us to step back and rediscover what was really important to us and the ‘why’ in what we were doing, instead of simply chasing our tails. It has helped us tremendously to identify our strengths and weaknesses, where are passions lie and how to funnel that into the business. Not only has working with Sonya clarified our business strategies, but has also been profound on a personal level. Sonya is a very loving, patient and intelligent woman, who has great depth of perception and we always felt we had her guiding hand and our best interests at heart."

Lena MacRae
Seated Massage