These are real success stories, not marketing highlights.

I won't promise you 10x growth in your business or career, or focus our efforts on building you a 6 or 7-figure business.

What I am going to offer you is even more important: the confidence, the clarity and the skills to create anything you want for the rest of your life.

See the success stories below.

What I love about working with Sonya is the clarity!

"I came out thinking that it was the best investment I had made, and to this day, I continue to tell her that. She enabled me to come back to me, and to do what I love, in a strategic and beautiful way."


Kelly Tsagournos
Career Coach
Kelly Tsagournos


Clarity and direction is what drives results.

"So I quit my job within six weeks. I think at this stage I have made 5x back what I invested in with the Women in the Arena program."   



Cathyrn Mora
Book Coach
Change Empire Book Coaching

“Really you are in good hands with Sonya. I would really recommend this program. I got the value 10x over in the first month. And it is such a simple process, which is what we need because we are all so busy."


Marike Knight
Mindfulness Consultant, MBSR Facilitator & Lawyer
Cool Karma Collected



I've come so far since our first days of working together!

“I’m hiring again, and this time for upper management positions! So, I am pulling out all my Sonya tools – which still serve me after years. It all applies perfectly to what’s happening right now, only I am at a whole new level. Those tools are still paying off!”

Lacie Taylor
Math for Keeps


Success doesn't happen overnight, but once you find clarity and direction, is a series of right choices and actions taken each day in the arena.

Some of the skills that really help you navigate the arena are: owning your value, clearly defining your business or career model from the inside out, staying focused and aligned with your goals, and really recognising what an asset you are to the world. These are the skills my clients walk away with.

The key to success is learning how to navigate the arena.

"In terms of business skills, I have learned a practical set of skills that empower me to connect and be of real value to my audience. I have learned to really listen to what they need and flex and change to be of maximum impact to them. The validation skills that Sonya teaches will be with me forever and at the crux of it, it is about building a business that you love and want to be in that create maximum impact and value to the client. 


In terms of life skills, this has been life changing. I have always wanted to achieve and contribute to the world but haven’t been successful in doing this without significant cost to my own wellbeing. Being a high achiever, I have always been driven to achieve my goals but usually while feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Sonya has taught me how to create balance and space so that I can actually enjoy my life while also achieving. I have achieved flow and space while also contributing to positive change in the world which is something I have dreamed of doing. I am also far more grounded and confident in being my authentic self. This program has had a profound impact on me and my business. I am so grateful to have met Sonya."


Belinda Haan
Entrepreneur, Mother & Coach






“For me, the personal transformation has been immeasurable. I came into the Program feeling like I was hiding a huge part of myself and my past. By working through the Program and with support from Sonya, the universe and divine timing, I felt I was ready to accept my story (the unedited version) and then use my experiences to pave out a path forward in business that serves others but also makes me feel content, happy and aligned with who I am. I have also come to accept that the best things take time to evolve and grow - so I am less about ‘grinding’ and constantly having my foot on the accelerator and more about feeling into what is best for me at each moment.


I am so much more confident about speaking with people in general. As an introvert and writer, before the Program, I tried to handle all client queries via email or Facebook Messenger and it just wasn’t working. What I came to see over the Program was that it’s not that I am bad with people or awkward, it’s just that I need to connect with like-minded people so that I am having a conversation and not ‘selling’ them.


I am now far more aware of what success means to me and what I am looking for in business and life. I have a very clear picture of what I am working towards - it is not working 24/7, it’s a balanced life where work is not even work to me: it equates to purpose.”


Sarah Cannata
Ghostwriter & Storyteller




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