You'll never be perfect. 

This might sound gloomy or discouraging, but I promise you, there's actually so much freedom in that realization. 

You'll never have the perfect website, the perfect marketing plan, or the perfect launch. (You might come pretty close though, and a well-executed plan DOES feel pretty amazing.) 

The fact you don't need to be perfect frees up tons of your time, energy, and creativity. It means there's always room to grow. 

I see so many women get hung up on wanting to be perfect. They delay and hesitate, pivot and re-design before they're willing to put themselves out there. And most of the time, they do all of this before they are even financially secure in their business. 

Everything doesn't have to be *just right* before you put yourself out there in the world - you're human, and you're allowed to be! Your offerings will be more relatable, more valuable, and more interesting if you're showing up as your true self and if you're holding space for yourself and others to learn & make mistakes. 

Once you free up your mental space and stop worrying about being perfect, you can look at the places in your business that you can reasonably improve. Does your business foundation need some work? Do you need to hire someone with more experience in design, marketing, or sales to help you out and show you the ropes? 

It's a competitive world out there, especially in the worlds of coaching, consulting, and wellness services. This means you have to be willing to experiment, take some risks, and figure it out as you go. 

You can do this! 

And if you need some support, you know where to find me. <3