How much SPACE do you create in your business life? I mean real space, not the 30 min. you fit in between your to-do list. If you are honest, I bet not much. Most people devalue space to just feel, think and be...especially in direct relation to their business. 

Instead, they run around like crazy, fill up every moment to tick something off their list or pile so much on their plate that it takes getting sick to slow down. 

Here is the deal though, SPACE = FREEDOM. The other important note, space doesn’t come later..after everything is in place, after you have made more money, after you have become a success, after everything is checked off your to-do list.

Space and freedom have to come FIRST. This is the secret I teach my clients.

When you create space, you create freedom
When you create space, you inspire creativity
When you create space, you make money! 
When you create space, you accomplish 10x more 
When you create space, you take back control

That is one of the really powerful things about space. For women, it is required to access our wisdom, our compass, our creativity and our genius. When you create space, you take back control and step out of the rat race. 

If it has been a long time since you have had space, you can’t wait any longer. Your success & freedom depend on it.