I saw a post last week in a group that talked about how only 12% of women-owned businesses make over 100k a year. So, I looked up the statistics and it is correct. This was based in the US, but I believe it is similar (or less) in other countries. This has sparked some debate. Why are so many women making less than 100k in their business? 

I have a lot to say about this, but I am going to save it for a podcast series as there is no way for me to get even a fraction of it in a post. However, I do think it is important to have more conversations around this subject. 

What do we (as women) really want financially? 
What obstacles are in our way from getting what we want?
What needs to change in the world so women can contribute their gifts and genius more fully?
What do we need to change in our mindset and inside of ourselves? 
What can men do to shift this statistic?  

I KNOW there needs to be big systemic changes. The business arena was never intended for women and so many of its basic operations are outdated and misaligned with where we are today. Changing the systems will change the world. This is my primary mission. 

I do believe change starts from the inside out. As women, we need to get comfortable with money. It is time to shift our financial future. 

What do you think?