When is the last time you stopped to question what you REALLY want? I don’t mean your business goals, your life goals, what your kids need, what your partner wants or what you think you should do? I mean, when did you have quiet time to honestly ask yourself what you want? 

And when were you brave enough to answer with the truth? 

What we want changes over time. Sometimes it changes when we reach a goal, but more often it changes before we reach a goal. 

We are either too busy or too focused to pick up on the change. Sometimes we are speeding down a train track, and we are afraid to stop it. 

I feel this is a common problem!

You see, satisfaction and fulfillment are on my daily wish list, but sometimes I forget to stop and ensure I am on the right track. 

I get caught up in my goals and my to-do list and lose connection with what I really want and why. I have to remind myself to slow down, dig deeper and feel where I am right now. 

I have to be brave enough and honest enough to answer with the truth! Even if I don’t like the answer.

This is what makes life congruent again and it leads to more fulfillment and freedom. 

In my many years of working with women, I have found that sometimes the reason they are hitting a roadblock in their business is because they need to revisit what they really want. 

They can spend a lot of time trying to take down that roadblock when all they needed to do was change course. Maybe you can relate?

We all have wisdom, but not everyone has expertise! I think when we are talking about who you are hiring or what you are selling, you need to understand the difference. 

Someone can be amazing and wise, but it doesn’t mean they have the expertise to guide you in a specific area. 

I see this conflict in so many industries. It is one of the reasons I work with my clients to ensure they are offering their expertise and not just their wisdom. 

I think it matters in the business world. It allows us to know who to trust and who is in integrity. 

A few examples:

Life coaches who are trying to work with people experiencing trauma. If you haven’t been trained to work with trauma, you can easily re-traumatize someone. 

Business coaches who haven’t had a business for very long. If they haven’t had significant experience running their own business, they are not an expert.  

Marketing “experts” who learned one way of marketing or had a quick win and are selling their “expertise” to others. 

Expertise is cultivated over time. It is built with large amounts of experience. It is forged through failure and perseverance.   

Everyone is trying to shortcut the process and it hurts you and the world. 

This isn’t denying the value of wisdom, but understanding the difference between wisdom and expertise.