Let’s talk about what you are REALLY selling and what you are investing in! Many people get caught up in pricing, whether it is the services they are selling or the services they are buying. 

We have all sorts of formulas and belief systems about how to view pricing, but I want to provide a big picture perspective. 

I often talk to my clients about selling their results. What do results and transformation do they provide to their clients. This is a great perspective, but sometimes they still have trouble seeing their value or owning the results they provide. 

So I want to flip it on its head. A lot of people look at pricing as time for money. I am working this many hours for a client, I want to make a $100 an hour and therefore I should charge x amount. 

The thing they aren’t taking into account is all of the years of effort and experience they have, the mistakes they made that they learned from, the education they had both formal and informal and so much more.

One hour of their time is not one hour of value, it is decades of value. It is a lifetime of value!

This is what you need to be thinking about when you are selling your services or buying from someone else.  

When I sell my services, I am not selling my time, I am selling decades of experience. That really changes the game. :D