What part of your vision are you “charging”? I feel that working with vision is a very important part of business growth. We also have to work with what is and what we feel right now; that is part of integrating our current experience. 

Going back and forth between vision and integration creates more success and long-term growth. 

I have found that many people haven’t learned to effectively work with their vision. 

It requires really “feeling” what we want. I have a great podcast episode on this called “How to Embody a Bigger Vision” (EP58: https://tinyurl.com/ya5d9uhf) If you can’t “feel” it, you can’t create it. 

One of the other important pieces to working with your vision is becoming more aware of what you are “charging”. Emotions (positive or negative) charge things, but instead of using this superpower for good, we often get stuck in fear, charging the things we don’t want. 

You can become more aware of what you are charging and work with that to charge what you want. It brings your vision closer and allows you to feel the decisions that will lead to the result you want. Sometimes it requires integrating what you are currently feeling (the negative charge) before you can positively charge what you want, but awareness itself is a game-changer. 

So, what are you “charging”?