Lots of people will sell you the solution you THINK you need, but what about the solution you actually need? How many salespeople are honest enough to tell you that what they are selling isn’t going to bring you what you need? 

We need more honesty in sales! 

If you aren’t the best solution for someone, you should be turning them down. I turn people down all the time for my program. I want to ensure I can give every client a result. I have to get to the heart of what they need and be honest about whether or not I am the BEST person to give them it. 

A lot of people aren’t honest and it drives me a little nuts. 

For instance, I see a lot of business owners with a broken foundation. They don’t have the right business model. They are going after the wrong target market. They have their services packaged in the wrong way. They have their messaging all wrong. They have failed to learn sales and sold their soul for marketing that doesn’t align with who they are. 

Yet, they are spending thousands on a funnel or Facebook ads...WHICH WILL GET THEM NOWHERE. They are missing the fundamentals. 

Now, a lot of business owners don’t know this, but the salespeople they are talking to should!!!! 

It is time to change the way we do sales. Let's have more integrity so everyone can succeed.