How do we create more innovative leaders? I think we start by opening up our human potential. So many leaders in business, corporate and government are still operating through one side of human potential, the masculine side. These leaders focus on action, performance, accomplishment, metrics and doing. But like anything that is whole, these parts to our human experience are only one side to a cycle. 

We wonder why so many people are burnt out, stressed and suffering from chronic health issues or mental illnesses. Everyone is in performance mode, constantly striving for action and towards their goals. They are forever stuck in one cycle of our human potential. 

What we are missing in this world is the other side of the cycle, the feminine energy that grounds us, restores us, heals us and moves us back into something bigger than ourselves. You will find a huge lack of the feminine in any arenas of power, yet the feminine energy is our lost power. 

Losing half of our human potential means what we have called leadership is shallow. It has no substantial roots to grow in. We are a small part of what we are capable of. I feel there is a change coming and it will be with those who open themselves up to both sides of their potential. Something to think about! ;D