There is NO BLUEPRINT for building a successful business. This is a constant battle I fight with the hype out there. How many people are trying to sell you their blueprint, their roadmap, their secret to success? 

If I see one more ad telling me that they will give me their path to making millions of dollars, I am going to throw up. 

This is why so many businesses are failing! They are trying to copy someone else’s blueprint as if building a business can be a set of simple instructions. If this were true, everyone would already be a millionaire. 

This is how people are making money off of YOU! They are promising their blueprint. Here is the raw truth...following someone else’s blueprint will never be a sustainable pathway to success. 

First of all, the market gets flooded with a sea of business owners following someone’s blueprint and ALL of those techniques stop working. The market gets exhausted by seeing the same things. You lose trust by your prospects and any credibility. 

I know you have seen this, right? Let me give you an example. I will get a really lovely message on Linkedin or Facebook and I will think, wow, this person actually wants to connect with me. I feel it is genuine. Then the next day, I get almost the exact same message with a few minor tweaks from someone else and then the next day another one. Now, every single one of those people has lost credibility with me and I feel taken by their disingenuous copycatting. 

So many amazing business owners end up quitting, burning out or feeling like failures because they followed the instructions but didn’t make their millions, some of them didn’t even make thousands. 

Because all of this is setting you up to fail! 

You can’t follow a blueprint. Your business is unique. It has to be, or you won’t stand out, you won’t cut through the noise and you won’t reach your ideal clients. You are also unique, so you can’t sell like anyone else, you can’t market like anyone have to find what works for you. 

Believe me, I have been in the business of coaching businesses for 20 years. I have watched all the hype, all the fads and all the short-lived tactics come and go. I teach my clients how to succeed by learning time-tested tools, essential business skills and doing the internal work that matters. 

This is one of the problems with traditional group programs. You need someone working with you one-on-one in addition to group components. I have to diagnose and design my client’s businesses individually. Otherwise, they just get lost in the noise and struggle to ever find their pathway to financial success and freedom. 

The change starts with recognizing that there isn’t a blueprint. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. You might get a quick win, but it will be short-lived. You won’t be able to repeat it for long.

If you really want success, you have to be willing to work for it. It is so worth it!