STOP focusing on content creation in your service business!! Everyone is obsessed with content marketing. They spend so much of their precious time on creating content, posting content, content calendars, content funnels...the list goes on and on. I am sure if you are a small business, you are currently caught up in the hype. 

This is NOT an effective way to get sales in your business, but it is an effective way to achieve burnout. 

I often cut out 80% or more of what my clients are doing in the first few weeks of working with them. Why? Because most of it is a complete and total waste of time. 

To make content work in your business, you need ALL of the following in place:

> ONE very specific target market 
> A high-value product that has been tested & validated with many paying clients
> Serious sales skills
> Real data from your target market’s mouth about their desires & frustrations
> An ability to speak your target market’s language (not guess)
> Skills around initiating interest & conversations
> Skills with writing so that your content actually means something

And no, you can’t hire it out, not until you have mastered it yourself. Once you have achieved ALL of the above, you can begin to look at how “content strategies” might work for your business.

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