We are whole beings! We try to dissect and compartmentalize who we are, but these are bandaids. All areas of our lives bleed together. This is why we can’t deal with our businesses as if they are in a vacuum! 

We have to look at the whole picture of our lives, relationships and roles to discern how we fit into our business and how our business aligns with who we are. 

When I am working with my clients, if I just look at their business alone, they will not have long-term, sustainable success. I have to look more deeply at their whole selves. 

I have to also understand business as well, but it is all a tightly woven tapestry. 

We need more whole thinking! 

If you have been struggling to determine WHY you are not getting as far as you want to go in your business, start with looking at the whole! 

In my experience, and I have diagnosed thousands of businesses, rarely is the challenge we are facing a business problem. It is more often something in another area of our lives or within ourselves. 

I laugh at how often people focus on marketing! This is the new obsession. Yet, you can keep trying to apply a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, but it doesn’t work very well and leaves you feeling frustrated and blaming yourself for failing. It isn’t you, it is the tool you keep trying to fix your business with.

If you are struggling with your business, start with looking at your life! What is misaligned? What is broken in other areas? What keeps getting in the way of your success? What is pulling your attention and time? 

If you start with the whole picture, you will have greater success diagnosing the problem and getting back on the pathway to success. 

If you need help diagnosing what is going on, then reach out.