I have come to love the wind! When it blows around me, I can appreciate its beauty, its strength and its power. This is because I stay rooted in my safe space. I am not just talking about nature, but the world around us. 

Right now in the world, there is chaos, storms and strong winds that seek to blow us up in their power. You can see this in every arena: political, business, social and most likely your own internal landscape. 

We have to stay grounded in our centre, in our truth and in our mission. That requires doing the internal work, believing in yourself and letting go of the need for approval or the fear of disapproval. As Brene Brown says, you have to willing to brave the wilderness. 

It can feel like a lonely path, but we are supported by more people than we can visibly see. 

Sometimes we lose perspective when those close to us get stuck in their own storm. We can get pulled by their perspectives, their emotions or the patterns they have yet to integrate. 

It is at these times that standing in our safe space is the biggest challenge, but it is also our greatest opportunity for growth.  

So, let the wind roar around you, but find your ability to stay grounded in the midst of any storm. I promise that standing in your truth is worth it. 

Are you ready to shift your business now?