I want to talk about responsibility. 

So often I see women struggling with the line between what is their responsibility and what isn’t. They are usually over responsible in one area and not taking enough responsibility in another. 

So, I want to clarify a few things. 


I just needed to start with this part of it. You are not responsible for someone else’s feelings, happiness or unhappiness, success or failure, progression or lack thereof. 

This is really important when you are running a business because I see way too many women lose leadership and power over trying to save their clients, partners or friends. 

That level of responsibility is sabotaging for you and debilitating for the person you are trying to save. It will leave you stuck and constantly hitting a glass ceiling. 

I know because this is a very lifelong lesson for me. 

Here is the thing though, the only way you truly help someone is to let them help themselves. It doesn’t mean we don’t provide guidance, wisdom and leadership, but this is very different from providing the answers, fixing them and doing it for them. 

One path is asking them to rise up! 
The other path is stepping out of your leadership to reach them where they are. It means they don’t stretch and you lose balance. 

I also want to talk about the other aspect of the coin. Not taking responsibility enough! You are not responsible for others, but YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF. 

You are responsible for your feelings, your patterns, your mindset. You are responsible when you don’t follow guidance. You are responsible when you don’t trust yourself. You are responsible when you de-value your wisdom in place of someone else’s. You are responsible when you blame everyone and everything around you instead of owning the role you are playing in the situation. 

This is not about shaming yourself or making yourself wrong. This is about getting some clarity around what is your responsibility and what isn’t. 

We can’t be true leaders until we get this. We can’t make our impact in the world until we master this skill. This is a good time to explore your responsibility. Where are you over responsible and where do you need to take more responsibility in your life and business?