Let’s talk about timing! We always think there will be a better time for things, whether it is time to build our businesses, hire the right person to help us or have a family. We are always pushing things off for a “better” time. The problem is that sometimes the right time is in all the wrong circumstances. 

You see, timing is often our excuse for staying comfortable. We like the idea of doing things when everything is more tidy and secure. We want to be “on top of things” before we take on new ventures or we want to at least know we have a good fallback plan. 

Yet, some of the most important growth is done when timing is completely uncomfortable, when we are a mess and when we are anything but “on top of it”. True integration and skill-building takes place in the midst of the struggle not once we come out of it. 

I have seen so many people miss amazing opportunities for transformation because they were attached to the idea of a “perfect” time. 

As some very wise people say, the only time you have is NOW. 

Something to think about. <3

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