ONE is the magic number! It is the number of simplicity, sustainability, success and most importantly...FREEDOM. No, I am not a numerologist or accountant, just a business coach.

---> Let me explain! My rule of thumb is one focus in business.

One target market
One kick-ass service or program
One high-profit business model
One sales process
One strategy for getting leads

The mistake I see so many women in service businesses making is that they have multiple services, multiple programs, multiple business models, multiple sales get the idea.

This is a big cause of burnout, exhaustion and just plain lack of success.

When I see women discussing the importance of diversifying their income streams, I just want to scream STOP.

Until you are financially stable, one service is all you need. You need to spend all your time and energy making ONE work. If you can’t make one profitable and stable, why would you think you can make two or more?

I like to look at it like a water hose. You are pouring all your energy into the top of the water hose and the goal is to have all that energy lead to a strong flow out the end of it. Let’s let that flow represent leads and sales or success and impact.

Every extra service, extra target market, extra social media avenue is like poking a hole in that hose. Eventually, all the water is going in all directions and a trickle of leads and sales comes out the end.

You get the picture!

The first thing I do with every single client is bring them back to one focus. It almost immediately reduces their effort in half. Instant freedom.

Then they have energy and time they can then invest in making more money and stabilising their business.

It makes a huge difference to their long-term success.

If you want to start having more success now, start with simplifying and streamlining your business.

Fall in love with the number ONE.

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