Over the next year or two, I thought I would share some of my insights for living a nomadic life with a family. I find that so many of my clients want the freedom of travel and the ability to have a business that supports greater experiences like nomadic travelling. 

For a little background, last year I retired my husband from corporate and had him join my business. With that big change, we realised we were free to roam. We made a decision late last year that we would pull the kids out of school and take a two-year adventure of travelling around the world while working and growing our business. 

We sold or gave away everything and left December 17th to begin our big adventure. We headed to Bali for a month and are now travelling through the US for the next 6 months. 

We have already learned so much...how to lose access to your bank accounts because of phone and address changes (don’t worry we fixed this quick), how to navigate being “homeless” in a world that doesn’t really cater for nomads and how to really work as a team. 

What I want to share over the next year is the reality of this life. It is truly an amazing adventure and you need to be prepared for all that it entails. As more and more people set out to explore this great path of living, my mission is to help them succeed.