No amount of pushing physically will work if you are stuck emotionally

No amount of pushing physically will work if you are stuck emotionally. This is absolutely true in business.

How many times have you heard:
"Business isn't personal"
"You need to keep your emotions out of it"
"Just do it!"
"Stop whining and get on with it"

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is many, many people (mostly men) have told us that emotions should be kept out of the business arena. The message has been to just push through and get it done. Take action!

This is one of the reasons so many women are exhausted.

We keep trying to push past our emotions and instead of getting over it, we carry those emotions with us. Eventually, we are exhausted from the weight. You can't railroad over your emotional self without some serious payback...often in the form of physical illness, depression or demotivation.

My clients are often surprised when I tell them to stop working on their business and instead work on their emotional self. This comes in many forms, but often in terms of appreciation, self-care and deliberately doing nothing.

It goes against the grain because we have been taught to do more, take more action and stay busy
...and there is a time for action.

This is the beauty of having a mentor who understands when to step on the gas in your business and when to stop.

Especially as a woman, your emotional self is your superpower in business. When you focus on empowering this part of yourself, your actions produce so much more results.

As women, we have to learn to operate our businesses in a way that works with our operating system. This is one of the reasons why I teach women a different way to work.

The more in alignment you are with your essential and innate self, the more results you will get in your business.

Just a little reminder to put some attention on your emotional self this week.

If you have felt really stuck lately in your business, we should talk. I can help you determine whether you need to step on the gas or stop and spend some time working on your inner self.