If your business isn’t working, sometimes all it takes is a small shift. After working closely with so many women in business I have learned that when small things are misaligned in your business, it can have ripple effects in your results. 

It could be you are working with the wrong clients, offering the wrong services or just not operating your business in a way that aligns with who you are and what you want. 

Misalignments can be subtle and sometimes hard to find. It can help to have someone on the outside to help. 

Some of my clients come to me hoping for concrete answers as to how to grow their business, but I am more interested in where their business is misaligned. 

Misalignment is MORE important to address than any business structure, marketing or sales process. It goes deeper and has profound effects on your success. 

I like to think of it like traffic lanes. Misalignment is like the congested lane. No matter what you do, you are stuck behind the traffic. When the alignment clicks into place, you move to the open lane and everything flows. 

My dream is to see more women paying attention to their alignment instead of their marketing. When that happens, we are going to see a huge shift in the business arena.