Do you actually KNOW why your business isn’t growing? 

I think many business owners look for a band-aid to fix what isn’t working and the popular band-aid of choice is marketing. If you do more marketing, you will get more leads and then you will have more money and BOOM, your business will grow. 

This is the popular line of thinking, but it isn’t the right one. 

When I work with women in business, I can quickly diagnose what is happening in their business. It often isn’t the area they were focused on, which accounts for why they aren’t getting results. 

Think of marketing as the icing on the cake. It definitely has its place, but if there is no cake to ice, the “pretty” stuff becomes pointless. 

My three-year-old loves a show on Netflix called Nailed It. Amateur home bakers are tasked to make professional cakes and the results are pretty damn funny. 

One of the lessons they learn is that having the proper foundation and structure for the cake is key if any of the fancy icing, fondant or decorations are going to stick. The cakes on this show are often falling over, melting and literally look nothing like the professional cakes they are supposed to emulate. 

This is what I see constantly in business - businesses that have no foundation. The marketing they spend so much time on doesn’t stick or work to create a business that is successful. 

What makes a proper business foundation? I find there are three really important things for women in particular: the right business model, the right mindset and the right alignment. If any one of those things is out of place, your “cake” is going to fall over. 

I can tell by what my clients are experiencing, which part of that foundation is broken. Sometimes, it is all three and they have to strip back their business to build a proper foundation. 

So, do you really KNOW why your business isn’t growing? 

Some food for thought. 

Are you ready to shift your business now?