As business owners, we have a big dilemma! Do we stay in our integrity and make an impact or do we sell the easy solutions (which really aren’t solutions at all)? You might be quick to jump on the integrity and impact bandwagon, but it is about honestly examining your actions and operations. 

You see, some solutions are easier to sell! 

The world wants to believe them. It is easier to believe them. They don’t require honest self-examination or hard work. And this is exactly the dilemma that so many entrepreneurs find themselves in. Do I sell easy solutions? Or the real ones? 

This is a deep question because you have to look at what you are really doing, not just what you are justifying. 

One of the common phrases I hear is “You sell what people want, and then give them what they need.” This is manipulation. This is arrogance. This is demeaning to your clients and to your expertise.

You have to be relevant! You have to focus on the problems your prospects want to solve, but you need to be honest about what it’s going to take to solve them. 

No big transformation happens in 30, 60 or 90 days. No freebie is going to have an impact. No online course is going to be the answer to something you have been stuck in for years. 

Let’s get real about what it takes to make changes.

Are you ready to shift your business now?