Can we talk about legitimacy? What do you think makes you LEGITIMATE as a business owner, an expert, a facilitator, a coach, a consultant, a wellness practitioner? I had a very interesting conversation this week with someone in PR.

They basically told me that in order to be legitimate in the eyes of media you need to PROVE your legitimacy. Fair enough. They want to make sure they are backing a real expert. I totally get this, but here is what really got under my skin: what reflects legitimacy is making millions of dollars in your business. 

When did “millionaire” become the yardstick for impact, expertise, wisdom, and client results? 

What if you don’t want to make millions, but are happy with a “meagre” $250,000 when most of that is profit?
What if you value having a life over “hustling”?
What if you care more about the number of lives your touch than the numbers you collect in your bank account? 

Just so there is no argument...I am a huge proponent for financial stability and real freedom. I am a business coach after all. What I am not a proponent for is the inflation and manipulation of numbers and facts. 

Many of the people making “millions” are not even bringing home close to as much profit as their $250,000 counterparts. They are hustling themselves into the ground. They are not in alignment or integrity with themselves. They have no time for their friends or family. They show you pictures of sitting on the beach in Bali, where cost-of-living is a fraction to the western world. All their money isn’t going into homes, their kid's educations or contributing to the is going into the illusion of their millions. 

These people are also riding on borrowed time. Their business is not legitimate, it is a facade. They won’t outlast those committed to impact and aligned with their passion. 

To be legitimate by definition means that you can justify what you are saying. Manipulators can justify anything. It speaks nothing of integrity! Or of truth! Or of reality! 

WE have to change the narrative. If we continue to legitimise this way of thinking, we are contributing to the problem. It is time for us to speak up about what we want and what we value. 

I believe legitimacy comes from impact. It is gained by integrity and consistency. It comes from trying, failing, getting back up again and committing to something bigger than ourselves. It comes from the lives we touch. 

So today, I honour YOUR legitimacy, not from what is in your bank account, but from every step you took to make a difference in the world around you.