As business owners, we need to be learning more self-determination and creative thinking, not more tactics, strategies and how-tos. 

This is what I have seen over the last few decades of working intimately with women in business.

So many people want someone to tell them exactly what to do. This leads to indoctrination, cookie-cutter tactics and strategies that flood the market and become ineffective. It also allows you to blend in with the crowd and lose your edge and differentiation in your industry. 

It makes you a follower, not a leader and eventually leads to a failing business. 

What produces long-term sustainable success in business is the ability to be resilient, to evolve, to adapt and to creatively think your way out of any situation.  

Most business owners (and people in general) are out of practice with thinking for themselves! 

If you want to know how to do something, you can just look it up on google or pay an expert. The problem is this doesn’t improve your thinking, it doesn’t allow you the experiential learning of trying things for yourself. It doesn’t allow you the skill-building of failing and getting back up again. 

And this is the crux of it. 

So many people are scared of failing. Scared of making a mistake. Scared of not getting it right the first time. Scared of being perceived as a loser.  

And this fear will stop them from real success. 

I literally see it all the time in my coaching program. I won’t give specific tactics and cookie-cutter approaches to business, but most everyone would like me to. 

Instead, I teach my clients how to think! How to feel! How to trust themselves! How to skill-build, and ultimately, how to grow. 

And believe me, they hit their fear! 

Perfectionism comes up….so does patterns of getting sick, avoiding, frenzied action taking, overwhelm, foggy minds and sabotage. 

I get to see it all, and it is beautiful. Being able to see the patterns that are stopping my clients from their potential is truly a gift. 

I love that part, but the most important thing is what I am building. Offering people the option to think for themselves builds resilience. 

If I give my clients all the answers, they would stop trusting themselves. If I tell them my “how”, they never come up with a better plan. 

I am in business to build leaders, not followers. 

Yet, so many business coaches, mentors and marketers are creating followers. 

Truthfully, their shiny objects of “freedom” and “instant success” are so tempting. 

If someone just gives you the secret to success, then you never have to do the work yourself. It can work for a quick fix, but it won’t work for a long-term business. 

My program is harder than the quick-fix tactics out there and it can take longer to reach success.

And it is worth it! 

What my clients learn is leadership.
They learn how to trust themselves. 
They learn how to evolve, adapt and creatively think. 
They learn how to survive the long game. 
They learn how to create real balance. 
They learn how to build the life and business they want. 

This is true freedom and it doesn’t come in 30-day packages or in some secret formula to success.

It comes from building your business from the inside out. It comes from a bit of guidance, your self-determinism and the willingness to step out of fear and into leadership.