If you have been in business for 2-3 years and you haven’t had a good look at your business lately, it is probably time for a review. What is working and not working?

You see, sometimes it takes just a small tweak to your direction, target market, pricing or packaging to be a lot more effective, to have more income and more impact. It is amazing what small steps in the right direction can do for you and your business...without more marketing, without a website re-design, and without putting a lot more effort into your business.

If you have been consistently pouring effort into your business for the last two or three years, and you are still not having the kind of income and impact you want to have in the world, then something isn’t working.

I have experienced this many times in my own business. I just needed someone outside to see everything more objectively and help me pivot some of my business foundations to ensure I was moving in the right direction.

You see I put in a lot of effort, but when it doesn’t give me results, I have to look at what is blocking my return on investment. I have actually experienced where one decision and pivot has had a huge exponential effect on my results.

- If you have been in a service business for 2-3 years but are not making the kind of impact or income you want, or

- If you want to change businesses and package your expertise into an offer that will impact the world and your bank account...

Then I have a few FREE strategy sessions open this week. Reach out to me and we can quickly assess what is stopping you from having more income and impact. What if just one small change could bring you so much closer to the business and life you want.

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