Information, education and knowledge DO NOT lead to transformation alone

Here is one of the really important things I have learned over the last twenty years in business and on my self-development path:

*** Information, education and knowledge do NOT lead to transformation ... it requires integration.

This is the mistake I see so many people make, they constantly fill themselves with information and education and fail to give themselves space for integration.

What do I mean by integration? It means making the ideas and concepts a part of you, integrated into your daily life, your being, your habits.

Concepts and ideas are still separate from you, they are outside of you and they won’t create transformation or real change.

You have to make those ideas and concepts real, through practice, action and experience.

This is one of the things that frustrates me in business. Everyone wants to instantly transform and instantly experience results. They have lost the patience for practice and integration and it is one of the reasons they will struggle to succeed.

If you are in business to transform the world or bring transformation to others, integration needs to be a part of your business model.

This is one of the reasons I created a program and stopped doing short-term sessions. This is also why I teach my clients to do 8-16 week programs. If our clients are going to transform, they need enough space for integration.

There are so many people in the world spouting concepts that they have not experienced or integrated. It means they really don’t know what they are talking about.

Gaining education is a small component of learning, the real growth comes in interacting with those concepts in real life.

A lot of my clients understand the concepts I teach, but it isn’t until they are interacting with the world that a lot more questions come up.

It isn’t enough to learn concepts, you have to live them before you become a real expert, before you provide the most value to your clients or before you experience the most transformation for yourself.

How much space are you creating for integration ... for yourself and for others?