As women, we think a lot about liberation. In society, we are faced with the truth that women are still not equal. We are still not fully liberated to be ourselves, to operate as women, to have equal pay or rights as men. We face these truths every day in our jobs, in our relationships and in the world around us.

We also struggle with individual liberation. We struggle to create more of what we really want. We struggle to express honestly who we are, what we think and how we feel. Most of us are still seeking way more freedom in our careers and our lives.

One of the first questions I ask all my clients is what do they really want in their life and career. Most women answer with their own version of more freedom and liberation.

How liberated do you feel in your work and life?

It is a powerful question and one that can propel you to shift your direction or change your goals.

I talk a lot about liberation in my work, and I work on a lot of liberation for women in society and the world. I fight for women’s rights. There is no doubt we have to work in the world to create more equality, but what I have found is that there are more gains by working on freeing ourselves first.

Let me clarify this idea.

Here is the actual definition of liberation: the action of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release; freedom from limits on thought or behaviour.

I love looking at definitions because they clarify how we look at things.

Liberation is being free from imprisonment, slavery and oppression…including the way we oppress ourselves.

What I have found after two decades of working with women, is that we often imprison ourselves. We limit our thoughts and our behaviours. We stop being true to who we are to fit into someone else’s definition of who we should be.

This is the root of not feeling happy, fulfilled or free.

Before we can make real headway in the world around women’s liberation, we have to first liberate our real selves.

So, what is the path to liberation?

This is a much longer discussion, but my short answer is: being more real.

One of the reasons why my clients feel so great after working with me is because I have given them permission to be themselves, to go after what they really want, to express who they are and to liberate themselves from their own limited thoughts and behaviours.

Getting more and more real is a powerful path to liberation!

How often do you act the way you feel? How often to you speak what is on your mind? Every time you hold yourself back, you limit your freedom. This isn’t about letting out your anger on someone else, but it is about revealing your truth.

When you begin to practice this skill, you will find yourself feeling more liberated in every area of your life.