Ever feel like you are trying to grow your service business in the WILD WEST? 

Flooded industries, little regulation and even less transparency are making it more of a free-for-all. These days it feels like your skills in marketing are more important than the skills you have in helping your clients transform.  

I talk to and work with a lot of women who are highly experienced coaches, consultants, marketers or wellness professionals. 

They are literally amazing at what they do, but they are getting lost in a flooded marketplace of new businesses. 

Everyone is out there vying for the same attention. The BEST service providers are just struggling to stand out. It feels like a duel between who can yell the loudest and who can sell the biggest promises, even if those promises are impossible to guarantee. 

It has sadly become all about marketing. If you are like many women in business, you have moved from working with clients 80% of the time to working on your marketing 80% of the time...lead magnets, list building, ads, blogging, content schedules...argghhhhh, and still nothing works. You can get clients in your door through word of mouth, but you aren’t growing. 

You really want to reach more people and have more impact, but you just don’t know the right way. 

Whether you are in coaching, consulting, marketing or any other service industry, this is the new trend. Someone comes up with a brilliant marketing tactic that makes them big bucks $$$. They create a formula, teach everyone how to do it and charge a lot of money. The market gets flooded with this formula, and the tactic no longer works. Your potential clients become immune to the marketing that you have paid thousands of dollars to learn.  

That sucks, but here is what is worse, you are doing things you KNOW are misaligned with who you are, but because everyone else is doing this type of marketing, you feel you have to do it too.

You have been sold a bad deal, because most women in service businesses are not struggling with marketing. 

In fact, you can have a successful and scaled business without even a website. I have seen so many women who are talented, committed and literally transforming lives lose themselves in this marketing frenzy. 

They lay in bed at night thinking something is wrong with them. They not only feel like they are failing at their business, but letting down their family and failing at that too. 

They are having more fights with their partner, who keeps telling them to either stay home with the kids or get a job. Their partner doesn’t get how hard it is to build a business and still carry so much of the domestic load. Their partner doesn’t understand how much it means to them to do their work in the world. 

Their partner’s words begin to echo in their head, and the worst thing that happens is THEY LOSE TRUST IN THEMSELVES. 

I know exactly what this feels like. I have been there. 

I have decades of experience in the business arena. I have transformed thousands of lives. I even had a branding and advertising agency, so I am familiar with the marketing game. 

I had spent more than a decade riding the waves of word-of-mouth and referrals. I didn’t have a website and I didn’t need one, until things started going downhill. 

I couldn’t figure out how to cut through the noise. How to grow. I didn’t know how to rise above the flooded marketplace with coaches who were way less experienced than me. 

The stress was affecting my personal life. I was feeling like a failure and it didn’t add up to my skills, expertise and experience.  

Part of the financial struggle was how much I spent in marketing courses and mentors. I needed to learn the new “digital way”. From lead magnets to landing pages, I learned it all! I built online courses that never saw the light of day. I did so many email campaigns, I can’t even count them. I invested blood, sweat and tears into learning and trying to play the new digital marketing game. 

And the worst part was, I was no longer making an impact!!!! My time in making a difference in the world was now spent in marketing myself. 

Finally, one day I just STOPPED. 

I stopped email marketing. I turned off my lead magnets. I stopped chasing and working so hard and I went back over my years of experience working with women in business. 

I went back to my own wisdom and I stopped listening to the hype. 


So much of what is taught now is complicated and a huge waste of time. Everything is noise. We have forgotten what matters in business and instead have become obsessed with vanity metrics.

Business has become the Wild West. 

Who can outgun you in social media posts. Who can provide you with the biggest promise that will never be fulfilled. Who brags the loudest but has the least experience. 

So I went back to the drawing board!!! 

I went back to my classic business training and my decades of experience. I worked to find the simplest and most direct business model for a successful client service business. I looked for the most direct route to increase income, leverage time and have more impact as a coach, consultant, marketer or wellness practitioner.

I took out all of the B.S., all of the noise, all of the wasted time marketing and created a program that will change your business experience completely. 

It changed mine! I tested my program and business model first on myself. I have taken many women through my program now, and sometimes the results still inspire me. 

Yes, I have helped women dramatically increase their income, leave their full-time or part-time jobs, and create more time with their kids, but what makes my heart sing…
... is the amount of women who have found themselves again. Women who have stopped chasing the hype and conquered the Wild West. Women who have learned to authentically and simply operate a successful business.

The best way to succeed in a flooded marketplace is not more marketing, but more simplicity and focus. 

It is stripping back your service business to one high-impact, high-value program. It is doing only your genius and letting go of the rest. It is having:

One target market
One amazing program
One sales process that converts
One traffic source
One clear and simple business model

The solution isn’t more, it is less. This is what I teach my clients and what I practice in my own business. 

Maybe it is time to simplify and focus your business? 

Are you ready to shift your business now?