How often do you follow your natural energy in life & business? For many, it is a challenge to honor our energy, cycle & need for space because the world has been dominated by one side of our human potential, the masculine or yang side. 

This side is great in its ability to accomplish, take action & perform, but what about the other side to our human potential? What about our ability to feel, integrate, receive, be & access a deeper wisdom? This side of our human potential, the feminine or yin side, is not accessed through doing or action, but through space. 

We have been taught to dishonor our “down” times & ignore our body’s signs that it wants rest, space & inaction. 

Honoring our full cycles is a powerful skill I teach my clients. We have been taught that the feminine part of ourselves is a weakness; that it is not as good as action & performance, but this is not true!

We have more success, power & freedom when we follow our natural energy, honor our cycle and give plenty of space for “down” time in our life & business. I have seen the results of this over decades of working with women. 

We need more conversations on this topic & more awareness of how we can step into our WHOLE human potential.