Can you appreciate where you are right now in your business and life? In the midst of challenges, chaos, lack of growth, frustration, sleepless nights, microscopic wins or feeling like a failure. Yes, right now in the midst of it all! 

You see, appreciation for the moment (good and bad) is a skill that progresses our business. 

We are always trying to grow, to build and to change things; usually because we are resisting where we are sitting right now. 

The world keeps us spinning towards having more, being more and buying more. Which leads us to feel like we are never enough. We end up exhausted and constantly running for the carrot in fear of the stick. 

We THINK this focus grows our business, but it doesn’t lead to the best choices. It rarely leads to balance, fulfillment or freedom. 

Over the years, I have learned to appreciate the void. The place before the dream. The chaos before the accomplishment. The moment when it all seems a mess. 

And you know what...I am so much happier. I am at peace. I am fulfilled. I feel freedom. 

The secret is that this (my being happy, fulfilled and free) is what progresses my business. ;D

It doesn’t require a set of circumstances or outside influences. I have it all inside me.