WE NEED TO SLOW DOWN! Sorry, I don’t mean to shout, but this is a very important subject. The world needs to slow down. Business owners need to slow down. Our children need to slow down. When did we stop appreciating “being” to obsess about “doing”? 

This is something I teach constantly...the benefits and importance of slowing down. 

There are so many gifts in stopping. In being present. In doing nothing. My clients are sometimes surprised when I tell them to spend a day or even a week doing nothing. I tell them not to work, not to promote, not to sell, not to do content, not to be productive, not to accomplish or check things off their to-do list. 

I suggest they just go sit at a coffee shop and do nothing but look around. I want them to let their mind wander. I want them to observe. I don’t want them to look at their phone or journal...just be with whatever is there in the moment. 

Most people struggle with this simple task! 

We have been trained to “do” and it is killing us. The only thing that will stop it is us changing ourselves. 

Slowing down actually leads to better health, more satisfaction, better relationships, more business success and so much more. If it has been a while, you should try it. :D

I have quite a few podcast episodes on this. EP97: Systems For Slowing Down To Accelerate Growth; EP91: The Art of Slowing Down, and EP38: Subtracting rather than adding to our lives this year.