Specific, specific, specific...this is what you need to focus on to grow your business. You need to get more specific about who you are serving and what you are offering. 

>>> This is not just another thing on your to-do list, this is THE THING that will make or break your business. 

Having had the vantage point of decades in the business arena, I have seen big changes in the service industries that I have worked with over the years. 

These industries: coaching, consulting, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, and wellness services, have all become flooded with new competition. 

Decades ago you could be more broad in who you served and what you offered, but not anymore. You need to get narrow in your niche, your target market and your offer. 

Instead of offering multiple services, you need to go down to ONE.
Instead of serving multiple markets, you need to serve ONE very specific market.
Instead of solving many problems, you need to focus on solving ONE really well. 

I get resistance from a lot of people around this subject, mostly because they misunderstand the business arena and how it is operating right now. 

>> Here are some of the myths: 

** To get more clients, I need to serve more people! WRONG. 

This is the day and age of experts. No one wants to pay for a jack of all trades anymore. Everyone wants someone who “expertly” solves their problem. If you don’t, they will find someone who will. 

** To serve my target market better, I need to have multiple options for services - at the very least a low cost and high-cost option. WRONG. 

This means you are serving too broad a market. What you need is to choose a very specific market and solve their very specific problem. They will pay for that! If you want to target a market that doesn’t have money, then a low-cost option is the only way. If you want to target a market that has money, then you better give them something high-value that delivers. 

** If I target fewer people, I will miss out on more money! WRONG. 

By going big and broad, you are losing massive amounts of money. You can’t speak the language of a broad target market because it waters down what a specific market needs to hear. No one can recommend you properly, because you are getting lost in a sea of competition. 

Let me give you a very simple example. I know a LOT of coaches. The ones that serve a broad market, I can never recommend, because honestly, they are no different from the other hundreds of coaches I know. Those broad coaches also set themselves up with a lot more competition because they sound just like everyone else. 

The coaches I know who deliver one specific service, I can recommend to anyone I come across who needs that specific service. They also position themselves to have more collaboration because they don’t compete with other coaches doing different things. 

I am seeing businesses drown in the sea of competition, and I want more women to succeed! This is why specificity is so important. 

The other important thing is if you need it, get help. 

I am really good at helping people determine their niche and streamline their business to be more SPECIFIC. 

I see some people sit in this problem trying to solve it for years. 

You would be amazed at how I have watched businesses transform by just getting more specific around who they serve and what they offer. 

How specific are you? 

Are you ready to shift your business now?