There are some weeks when I am just exhausted. To me, that is a natural part of operating a business. If you have listened to any of my podcasts, you know there is an ebb and flow. The thing is that many women in business aren’t ever experiencing the ebb, they are just full force in the flow.

They work hard in their business and at home. They juggle all the balls. They put more effort into their business “hoping” there will be a light at the end of the long, long tunnel.

This way of operation is not sustainable. You can’t “hope” that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you need to KNOW.

I have weeks or months that are busy. I might have a big event, a big rush of new clients or am in a particular juggle with the business and family, but I always KNOW that rush will end and I will have more space and freedom.
How exhausted are you feeling in your business? How LONG have you been feeling it?

If you are holding on to the idea that more clients and more money are the answer, I can tell you from decades of experience working with businesses that more clients and money are NEVER the answer.

If you have been pushing for far too long (and you know when you have), then you actually need someone to take a look at your business.

I know I can help women quickly discern what is creating their exhaustion and what steps they are taking that is a complete waste of their time.

Don’t keep going full force, reach out to someone to get a picture for how you can finally get to the ebb, rest, peace and freedom in your business.