I started my first business at 24, a fully women-owned advertising agency. Women-owned businesses were not the norm, and in our industry, it was still dominated by men and masculine attitudes. Sexism was just par for the course. 

What is really important to understand as a woman in business is that the business world has been masculine-dominated for a very long time. 

Everything around business is designed from a masculine lens. It is about pushing yourself, compartmentalising your emotions, making business not personal and focusing on the bottom line over fulfilment and freedom. 

These themes are present in our everyday language, from “side hustle” to “killing it”. 

The problem is that women aren’t designed like men. Many women can’t sustain the level of operation that is expected in business, especially if they have families. 

Most women have never been taught how to design their business to effectively support who they innately are. 

Women will work harder and put more effort in, but so many hit burnout. 
I have spent decades trailblazing the path for a different way to operate in business. A way that brings freedom and balance. 

So if you are approaching exhaustion, it may be time to re-evaluate the way you are “doing” business and start looking through a more feminine lens

Most people have their business sequence upside down. They start with the pretty website, fancy marketing techniques and an intention to make money. This is NOT what leads to a successful business. 

These are the last things you should be focused on in your business. Have you lost sight of what is most important? 

It isn’t about what you can get out of your business, it is about how your business can serve the world. The most important piece of your business is your customer. 

This isn’t just a nice idea, this is the KEY to creating a successful and long-term business. 

Your business should be built to serve your specific and ideal customer, not to serve yourself. 

You should be speaking your customer’s language, not your own. 

You should build your services around what will provide the customer with the most results, not what will convince them to buy. 

If you have lost sight of what is really important, this is a good time to re-evaluate and re-focus your intention. Make this year about your customer! 

Why is everyone always striving for constant growth? It is like one endless battle to be more, do more and create more. Something drives us to never be satisfied with where we are and this mindset sabotages our success. 

In my years of working on myself and with others, I have learned that the best growth isn't just up, but also over. 

Reaching for constant upward growth means staying in a state of instability. You are always learning new skills and never really mastering any of them. 

I teach and practice stair-stepped growth. You have a short time of growth and then a time of stability, then a short time of growth and then a time of stability. 

Every time you are in a growth phase, you are in a period of instability. That is great for a short time period, but if you don't master the new skills and build new habits, you won't create a sustainable life or business. 

Being in constant instability is why so many business owners are burnt out and struggling. 

We have lost touch with the value of skill-building and the sacredness of mastery. 

My clients learn that success isn't always about reaching for more, but is often about stabilising. 

So what kind of growth are you striving for this year? I know I will be moving towards stability.