When you work hard to make your business match your vision, it can feel like you're failing when things start to change. Notice that I said "when" things start to change, not "if". 

Change is a completely natural part of life and business, and it's important that as human beings and as entrepreneurs we are ready to adapt. We might be adapting to what our target market wants; we might be adapting to a shift in how we like to work; we might be adapting to taking care of a family member. 

But we don't need to just adapt - we need to actively embrace change. We might even need to seek it out. When we do, we make room for our businesses to evolve into their next greatest iterations. 

So how can you actively seek out and embrace change in your business?

Analyze the data in your business to discover what’s working, what’s not, and what your target market might be telling you. If you're too attached to the original story of how your business "should" work, you might want to ignore the signs that change is needed. But if you are willing to let go and trust what the market is saying, you can experience even greater success. 

Accept the change and be with it. When something unexpected happens, our instincts might view it negatively at first. But take a few deep breaths, accept that change is natural and inevitable, and open up your mind to the new directions that are now available to you. 

Recognize that chaos is a positive sign. Change shakes up our sense of security. But if we can allow things to be chaotic for a little while, they will often reorganize themselves into something stronger than before. If we try to stifle change, we can inhibit growth in ourselves and our businesses. 

Change isn't always easy, but it's always one of our greatest teachers. What are the changes in your business trying to tell you?