Do you feel like it's wrong to doubt yourself and your work? I can completely see why you'd feel that way. It feels like everyone - especially online - is hyping up their work and focusing on all the happy, motivating, and inspiring parts of entrepreneurship. The temptation to hide all of the hard things we go through as business owners is a strong one. 

But if you're feeling self-doubt, I want you to know: you're not alone. And you don't need to be fixed, or to just chin up and have more confidence. You're experiencing a totally normal part of entrepreneurship - one that we all need to normalize, accept, and support each other through. 

Sitting with our self-doubt can be an uncomfortable yet transformative practice. Even if you just sit for a minute at first, allowing yourself to feel all the sensations of doubt and discomfort in your body - you're building your capacity to handle doubt. Every time you do this, you're building your resilience, your confidence, and your capability to handle anything that life or business throws your way. 

And the next time you're doubting yourself, remember this: you're bringing something new and amazing into the world. You're holding space for something that can really benefit others - and you're doing that even though it isn't always easy. And that is a pretty incredible thing. <3