Patience is actually a skill and one you have to develop if you want to survive as a business owner. I know it is hard to believe that in a time when “hustling” is the new black and “busy” is a badge of honor. Many business owners are out there rushing through every process and sabotaging their long-term success. 

-----> We have forgotten the blessings in being patient. 

What about the magic that happens when something is allowed to simmer, brew or cultivate into something more beautiful? Or what about when there is space for things we never could have imagined to take shape? 

Too many business owners are “forcing” their business to happen. They are “pushing” for results. They are putting out services and products that have not developed properly. They are not offering the best of themselves because they just want to “get it done”. 

This is becoming a big problem and it is leading to business owners being burned out and clients being burned by quick fixes and less than ideal results. 

There is a persistent impatience with getting to the end goal. This leads to shortcuts and missed opportunities. 

We have to slow down, be more deliberate and create something that matters to the world. 

Patience is the key! Appreciate the slow unfoldment of your success.