Business development & self-development go hand-in-hand. Ask any of my clients and they will tell you that their business grew when they did. 

Many business owners are looking for a secret formula and they go after the latest marketing techniques to grow their business. They fall for false promises and the sexy marketing hype.  

But here is the real truth….

What is getting in the way of YOUR growth is most likely your behaviors and thinking. 

It isn’t your marketing. 
It isn’t your sales.
It isn’t your inability to find leads. 
It isn’t your website, logo or branding

What you NEED is more self-development. What you need is to look at your thinking and your behaviors to see what is inside of you that needs to change. What you need is proper skill-building, resilience and confidence. 

What is challenging about this, is that it requires more work, but what is great about it is that YOU have full control to change it.

Yes, it can be helpful to have some outside support. A good coach, mentor or therapist can help you see your blind spots and unconscious behaviors, but the change is fully in your hands. 

So the next time you start to run after the latest marketing tactic for business growth, Just remember, that business growth is usually an inside job.