You will never have the perfect business plan, marketing strategy or messaging. Not ever!!! Here is what I see too often - women in business stuck in trying to get everything just right before they put themselves out there. 

-------> This leads to a huge amount of wasted time and effort, but also huge amounts of opportunity costs. So many amazing women go down the rabbit hole of planning, perfecting, pivoting, website design, Instagram layouts and social media content before they are financially stable in their business. 

On the other side, you also can’t just leap into business and do what you love. The market is tough right now, especially in the industries I serve (coaching, consulting and wellness services). The toughest I have seen in two decades of working in these industries. 

So, where is the happy medium!?!

You have to have a well-designed business foundation, i.e. a highly educated guess. You need to know FROM EXPERIENCE that you have a viable and specific target market, the right business model & some killer sales skills. If you don’t have this experience, you need to hire someone who does. Then you need to put yourself out there. 

You have to willing to fail. 
To experiment. 
To mess up. 
To adjust. 

There literally is no other way! You have to take the risk. :D


Are you ready to shift your business now?