My mission is to help more women succeed! Not by someone else's standards, but by their own. We need more women in power. I live and breathe this mission every day. 

I have recently been nominated for the Ausmumpreneur awards in the Making a Difference - Business category. I am not into awards, but I am definitely into making a difference. 

If you have ever loved any of my messages, podcast episodes or my TEDx talk, I would be so thankful if you would vote for me in the Ausmumpreneur awards. Click here and select my name (#125) in the Making a Difference - Business category. 

What winning this award gives me... is a voice. We need more women in power and we need to spread the message that there is a way to operate more effectively as women in business. It is about self-care and honouring our emotions. It is about learning balance. It is about making profit and impact.

We don't have to compromise our values any more to succeed in business. Our success in business contributes to the whole world.

Thank you so much for your contribution. <3