Are you hiding from your mission?

I think a lot of women are hiding from their mission, their calling, their warrior self, their fire in the belly. You get the picture.

I have been there. I know what it feels like to hide from my mission and what it feels like to embrace it.

Let’s talk about some of the ways we hide!

  • One way is refusing to get clear about our mission. Always stepping around it, circling it, exploring it, but never moving into it. We avoid committing to it because we never really define it in terms that are measurable and real. This way we avoid success and failure, but we keep on spinning.
  • We keep our focus on others and pretend it is our mission. We are operating from the “outside in” instead of the “inside out”. We don’t dig deep to feel our cause, and instead, follow the cause of others. We never truly embrace our mission and consequently never achieve deep fulfilment or freedom.
  • We use distraction or responsibility to take us away from our mission. We use time, responsibility or lack of resources as viable excuses for not doing what we deeply want to do. We get distracted by our fear, by social media, by our to-do list instead of staying focused on the big goal. Focusing on our big goal would mean we have to take risks, we have to step into our leadership and we have to dare to shine.
  • We refuse to ask for help. We spend months, years, decades trying to do it on our own. We keep telling ourselves that we are smart enough, capable enough and should be able to do it by ourselves. We fail to see that our mission requires community. It requires owning our greatest gifts and joining forces with those that are owning theirs.

WHY we hide from the mission is unimportant and can be a rabbit hole that takes us even farther from our mission. Maybe it is fear, maybe trauma, maybe indoctrination. It doesn’t really matter.

WHAT DOES MATTER…is what you do with it once you realise that you have been hiding.

Only YOU can decide to embrace it!
Only YOU can focus and commit!
Only YOU can stop the distraction!
Only YOU can ask for help!

Once you decide you are ready to stop hiding from your mission…only then can you walk into it.

Once you do that, I am here to help.

And if I am not the best one to help, the right step will come along.

When you commit, the path unfolds. We need more women owning their gifts and committing to their mission. Let’s do this!

Are you ready to shift your business now?