Have you tapped into your real wisdom?

How much of your real wisdom are you using in business? As women, we have the ability to tap into our true wisdom, but it requires us to go inside, to have space and to create times in our business to “BE” instead of to “DO”. 

So many of my clients question my sanity when I tell them they need to stop working in their business for a time or when I tell them to do nothing for the day. 

It feels illogical and goes against the grain of “just do it”. It forces them to put down their to-do list and risk the “consequence” of not accomplishing things. 

But this method of being in business and in life is the feminine. It is our power. It is where true wisdom resides. 

In our society, we have lost the art of being. We have lost the feminine power. We have lost the gifts that women bring to the table in every area of society…government, business and the home. 

Why? Because the patriarchal model doesn’t value it. It values accomplishment. It values security (in the form of money and status). It values extroversion. It values activity. It values the bottom line. It values logic and measurement (what can be seen only and not what can be felt). It values external validation. 

This is why we have lost sustainability in our world. We are so heavily dominated by the masculine, that we have lost all balance. 

My arena is business, so I have studied this phenomenon for decades. When women (and men) learn to value their feminine nature, their real wisdom, their innate feel sense, we will have more balance and sustainability in business and in the world. 

So are you operating your business from your wisdom? Have you given yourself enough space to “BE”? 

If not, I give you permission to take the day off. :D

Go tap into that divine wisdom inside of you. Go experience the world from your true place. Discover how much value you have without anything external validating you. 

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.