What will be your legacy?

Today I was reading Judith Duerk’s book “I sit listening to the wind”. This has become a bit of a bible to me. It is a reference point for my deep feminine side. 

We have so few good examples and resources that talk about our true feminine wisdom and internal power. She wrote something in this book that is fuel for my bigger vision, 

“I sit listening as the wind asks its eternal questions:

What will our generation of women pass on to our daughters? 

What will be our legacy to the daughters of our great-granddaughters? 

And the earth sings her response:

Offer yourself….

Ourselves! How many women truly feel that they are living their own lives, not influenced by so many other’s opinions, ideas, fears and desires? 

The world needs out internal wisdom, free from indoctrination and disconnection. When more and more women listen to their internal wisdom, this world will change for the better.

We need to be developing ourselves more and more each day. We need the space, time and energy to do this. So much of our energy and time is spent in service to others, especially if we have families to support. 

We struggle to value our time for ourselves and instead focus on the short-term versus the long-term impact. In fact, I believe we have actually lost the understanding of how important our strength and wisdom actually is for the growth and sustainability of the world. 

We so often talk about impact, but we fail to see how in order to make the most impact, we have to be at our best...fully resourced, healthy, vibrant and alive. 

I think it is time to change our thinking and recognise the long-term impact we are here to create.

What will your legacy be to the future generation of women?