Featured on the Survivor's Guide to Thriving

"If you want to succeed in business, you really have to be comfortable with the unknown." - Sonya Stattmann

Did you catch my interview on the Survivor's Guide to Thriving podcast?  

We had a great chat on the challenges that women face in business, especially in male-dominated industries. Check it out! 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Sonya went from a point where life was seemingly falling apart to a place where she has a thriving business 
  • Why taking a traditionally masculine approach to business isn’t always the right path for women
  • The importance of overcoming competition and jealousy between women in the professional world
  • How to approach the “juggle” between career aspirations and supporting your family
  • Why we think Brene Brown’s “recovering perfectionist, aspiring good enough-ist” idea is such a great concept
  • Advice for men who want to support the women in their lives – whether that’s colleagues, your spouse, your children or others

Listen above or if you want to find it on your favorite podcast app, just look for Survivor's Guide to Thriving Podcast: Operating in your Power and Genius: A Conversation with Sonya Stattmann.