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I’ve been in the business arena for almost two decades now and literally seen it all plus done it all. I’ve had multiple businesses, worked with thousands of women and lived around the world.

What I’ve seen over and over again is the need for women to simplify and streamline their lives and their businesses.

We are overwhelmed.
We are overloaded.
We are overbooked.
We are over-extended.
Frankly, I’m over it.

Early in my business, in the early 2000s, I watched women hustle trying to “make it” in the business world. I wanted them to succeed, so I helped them work harder, hustle more and make a difference.

However, this “success” came at such a cost.

Women were burnt out, trying to function in ways not natural to their flow and working harder than their male counterparts. Somewhere in our makeup, women are just willing to get the job done.

We will work full-time in our businesses, full-time caring for our families, hold our friend’s hands when they need it, do community outreach and take on a huge amount of “free work” in our spare time. We will go until we can’t go anymore.

The way we run our lives comes at a huge expense to our self-care, our wholeness, our impact and our livelihood.

I ran my life like this as well, juggling all the balls. I had a business, mortgage, new baby and husband who was an addict. I had all the spinning plates, taking care of everyone else besides myself until my whole life fell apart.

Within two weeks, I lost everything to my first husband’s drug addiction. I thought I could hold it all and was strong enough, but I was so wrong. This was my personal wake up call.

After working with so many women in business, I realized that women were doing everything too hard.

I remember one of my clients came to me after being in business for six years. She was working overtime, but barely had anything to show for her work. She had stopped seeing her friends, worked every weekend. Her greatest love, music was put on the shelf. She was constantly fighting with her partner about how much she was working but didn’t feel there was any other way.

Her life was not sustainable.

We dove into what she was doing, what she was spending her time on and what was not working in her business. Her overwhelm came down to two core issues.

She was blogging, building her email list, working on her online program and trying to tackle social media. An audit showed she was spending 30 hours a week on marketing tactics which brought in ZERO clients.

I made her stop doing them all, giving her back precious time.

We replaced those tactics with old-school sales techniques that got more return on effort and amazing success in a fraction of the time. That was a big win, but the second core issue was even more pervasive and one I see in every client.

She was not valuing herself. This showed up in a multitude of ways in her business.

She didn’t charge enough and let her clients walk all over her. She took on “free work” for friends and family. Like a lot of women, she was creating extra work and complication as a path to worthiness.

So many women believe the more we take on to prove ourselves, the more we’ll be “worthy”.

We’re coming to a crisis. Women are losing themselves in their struggle to succeed. The penalty is their self-care, happiness, health and freedom.

We must completely change our philosophy around business and life.

We have to move from complication to simplification. We need to examine pathways to the most return on effort. Helping women streamline and simplify their businesses and lives became my mission. I wanted them to have more time for themselves and their family.

I found ways to give women back their freedom.

We forget as women that when we are at our best, our healthiest and our most free, we make the most impact. Luckily, we can make the most income too.