Women in the Business Arena™ EP84: How to Maintain Momentum Through the Holidays

You've got to start to look at what it is that will make this holiday season feel really good for your business, and for yourself, and for your family.

This week on Women in the Business Arena, we’re discussing how to successfully navigate the holidays in our business. The holidays are known for times of rest, and relaxation, time with family, and preparation for the new year. How do we enjoy the rest that comes along with the holiday season, without losing the momentum we’ve worked so hard to establish? 

“It's about getting creative and it's about determining what you really want. I think the most important thing is that you keep your momentum up. Because what I see happening around this time period is people start really losing momentum...By the time you get your momentum back up, it's March… that's three months of not enough income, not enough sales.

Many people limit the success of their business during this season with self-limiting beliefs including the misnomers that everyone checks out for the holidays, no one will want to purchase new services, and that all service sales inevitably slow at this time of year. The truth is, even during the holidays, your business will be as successful as you believe it can be. What is your intention and mindset around taking an intentional pause around the holidays? What are the self-limiting beliefs that are dictating your business choices?

“We sabotage our energy because we overcommit. We try to get too much done. We try to finish everything we had on our to-do list for 2018 to prove to ourselves that we can do it. And then we are quite exhausted going into the New Year. And that's not what this time is about. It's about being able to finish off strong, have an amazing renewal, recovery, relaxation time period, and then jump back in January, refreshed.”

As we approach the holidays, there are some vital questions to ask yourself, in order to find your balance of momentum and rest. What do you want your holidays to feel like? Set the intention now. What are some low-hanging fruits or ways for you to generate some sales efficiently right now? Finally, what is your plan for January? Now is the time to make a plan. Don’t wait until the New Year sneaks up on you to implement at least a loose framework. It is so possible to have a restful, rejuvenating break, while still leaning into the momentum you’ve worked so hard to gain!

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: 

  • Introduction - 0:57
  • Setting Intention with Your Business During the Holidays - 2:44
  • Creative Ways to Boost Revenue Around the Holidays - 8:36
  • The Importance of Maintaining Momentum - 13:24
  • Prioritize and Minimize Your Project List - 17:06
  • The Value of Repurposing Your Content - 23:31
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 31:22

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Sonya Stattmann: 00:57 Hi, and welcome to the Women in The Business Arena Podcast. I'm your host Sonya Stattmann, and I'm here with my beautiful co-host, Laura Shook Guzman. Hey, Laura.

Laura Shook Guzman: 01:07 Howdy. How's it going?

Sonya Stattmann: 01:09 It's going really well. I'm excited to dive into our topics as usual and obviously as we've talked about many times, this is my favorite part of the week. As we approach the holiday season, we thought that we would dive into the topic of momentum. And how do we ride the holiday season for our business? Because I think it's a time that we want some balance, we want some time off, but we also want to keep our business moving. So it's this interesting time that we can explore some strategies and some ways to think about this time period as we kind of move through the holidays. And we did talk about this a little bit last year, but I think it's a great time to revisit this topic. What do you think Laura?

Laura Shook Guzman: 01:50 Yes. I think every year people are probably, like me, kind of surprised like, oh, it's the holidays again and how am I going to manage the time off that I want to take with my family and still keep the sales or my revenue at a place I need it to be. Or they're asking themselves, can I step away from my business and just trust that it's going to be fine and how would I do that? And so I think the key here I think is reflecting on this and having some what of a loose plan. I'm not about rigidity during the holidays because things happen. But thinking ahead and just seeing what you could do to set your intention for how you want to experience the holiday and what you can do to keep your business either humming along or even a nice intentional pause, but communicating what that looks like to your clients and customers.

Sonya Stattmann: 02:44 Yeah. I actually think that is the first place to start. We need to be looking at what our intention is and where our mindset is, and the framework around the time period. Because one of the first things I hear is a lot of limiting beliefs. So a lot of people are like, oh, during the holidays I'm going to get no money. My sales are going to get down. Nobody is interested in buying things except for products maybe, but as far as services, no one's really interested in buying them. Everyone goes away for two months. And this is the kind of the thinking and the thoughts that I hear from a lot of my clients and a lot of the women I work with. And I think that's the first thing we have to keep in check is what is our mindset. I actually find that December and January are some of my biggest months of the whole year. And so there obviously is a mindset thing sometimes around, oh, it's going to be the worst month. We're not gonna make any money. So I think we, we have got to start to reframe our intention. If we want them to be big sales months, if we want to also take a break because I'm all for balance, we have to sort of set some of these intentions. That it is going to be a smooth holiday period. Then it's going to be amazing. That we're going to both have sales and get a break. And so I think we've got to kind of shift our mindset around it.

Laura Shook Guzman: 03:55 Yes. And that being the key that we talk about a lot is your mindset. And something you just said, people's expectations when it's already kind of negative leaning, that you're expecting everyone to disappear on you and no one to want to buy any of your services. Then you really, as soon as that, that doubt, which is fear, when that comes in, that puts the brakes on creativity, thinking and how could my business adapt to the holidays. What are some creative ways that I can put some things into action, so soon as we kind of get into that negative pattern or that way of thinking. So first identifying intentions and if you notice yourself stuck, then I think the next exercise is can you just be curious this year about it looking differently? Like how could it be different for you this year? If that's something you're really curious about and really interested in, it starts with that open mind and that awareness that you've got some old stories. And be like, thanks old story, I'm going to put you right here on the shelf because I'm really curious if there can be something new this year that I could experience in my business.

Sonya Stattmann: 05:10 And I think that's a really good way to look at it. That curiosity, that interest, that intention, what do we want to experience? And I think for a lot of people, at least a lot of the people that I work with who are more introverts, I think struggle a little bit more with managing our energy. Holidays can definitely be that time where we're navigating family. We're navigating Christmas time, we're navigating a lot of energy in our businesses and sometimes it's an energy management thing. But what we also need to do is that we can be intentional around that. We can say that this year I'm going to do less. This year I'm just going to say no to things. This year I'm going to manage my energy in a way that feels good to me, that works for my family and that's okay. I remember last year we didn't do anything for Christmas, like we were just our little family. We just had this really relaxing, chilled Christmas and we didn't run a bunch of places. We didn't go anywhere and it was awesome. It was like days of sort of quiet, being at home, nestled in, no work. I think it is all about what you want to create. And if you are an extrovert or if you really love being with your family and you just want to be with lots and lots of family, that's awesome too. But I think you've got to start to look at what is it that will make this holiday season feel really good for your business and for yourself and for your family.

Laura Shook Guzman: 06:32 One of the things I love about having my own business is that I do get to just close shop for as long as I want, as long as I'm giving the clear expectations. So for my intention every year, some people have different needs, but my revenue is something I work on leading up to. And as therapists actually we have a lot of clients that want to get in before the holidays as they prep to be with family or as things come up. It's really true. Like all of a sudden you're like, okay, I haven't seen you in months, but oh my gosh, I have the Thanksgiving dinner with all the different family members. So just think about your business and the ebbs and flows. So for me, I can actually bring in a lot more clients, and see more clients than I normally would because then I want to take a break to where I'm not going to. They're all going to go on holiday and I'm going to go on holiday. We'll see each other again in January, but I kind of work on that revenue stream coming in earlier. Just being intentional about that. My work week, I'm usually like, well, I only want to see this many clients. But now I'm aware like, nope, I'm actually gonna have a busier couple of weeks or busier month leading up to the holidays because then I want to put the "gone for the holidays" sign on my door and be out. And I have a physical space to close as well. It was always important for us to close for holidays and we've made it a part of our work life culture. Our members know, oh, this is a part of us having balance and the doors are closed to my members. Like they have their own keys and keyless entries, but we don't show up and stock the tea and heat the water. They got to do all that for their clients while we're closed. So that gives me a chance to set boundaries that are very important for me. And I feel like I model that for the culture that I'm leading, for the community I'm leading.

Sonya Stattmann: 08:36 Yeah, totally. And I think that's part of it. Once we decide what we want, how we want to frame our holidays, what would want that to look like, then we start to look at how do we strategize that. How do we create what we want? If we want a little bit more sales, what are some ways that we can optimize on the holidays? Because I find there's actually quite a lot of ways to optimize. One of the things that I do every year is I raise my prices in January. And it's just a really good practice I think for all service businesses because women are way undercharging most of the time for themselves. We get stuck on staying in the same price range for years and years. Even when inflation is happening and everything around us is getting more expensive, and yet we're still at the same prices that we're comfortable with. So I find that the practice of gently raising your prices every year is not only a good practice for holding our value and really doing what's right for the company, but it's also a great way to get some people in towards the tail end of the year. Because it's like, well, if you want the reduced price or you want the price that's not going to be raised next year, then December is a great time to get in and start. So you know, I think that can help and that kicks off things. It's really about being authentic. Like one of the things I have around sales or sales strategies is you never want to be misleading or inauthentic. You never want to be manipulating. It's really about really authentic, clear structures. And so for me, every year I raised my prices. It's very authentic. It's not just to get people in, but it is my practice. And I think it's a great way to do things. You can also capitalize on the fact that January, a lot of people want to start fresh. They want to go through the holidays and then they want to start in January, like kicking right into There are in their business or to health if you're more of a health practitioner or too their whole way of thinking. There are all these ways in which they want to kick off the new year right. And that's a great way to capitalize on something that's already there. Again, you're not manipulating or not being inauthentic, you're just capitalizing on people's natural energy. And so I think those are some really good ways to start to strategize how can I move people so that I have sales, but I can also take time off. I also deliberately take weeks off during the holidays and I just let my clients know I'm not charging you for these weeks. You'll get an extra two to three weeks on whatever program you're in so that you're able to, not get time with me during that time, but you're still in my program. You're still connected. They're still a continuity. You can reach out if you need something, but I'm off. And I'm with my family. And I'm taking that time to sort of reflect and you know, do my own planning and all of that. So there's quite a lot of ways that you can deliberately create your holiday times so that it's not this huge slump in momentum. It's deliberate. It's a deliberate break. It's a conscious break. It's what you really want to experience, but you're also caring for your clients. You're holding their expectations, you're setting some boundaries kindly. You're really helping them to move forward and reflect for themselves as well.

Laura Shook Guzman: 11:33 I love that. There's so many strategies and like you mentioned so many ways to think about sales and be creative about your programs. And have early bird specials that if you're launching programs in January, then getting that early bird price before December, 25th, before December 31st, or however you want to do it. And also in like service based businesses, people forget that, yes, products are huge for holiday giving. However, people give and receive products all the time. What's unique are experiences, like service based businesses can have some really interesting experiences. And sometimes you may think like if you're a coach you might be like, well that's going to be weird, like their friend is not going to match them with me. Like they need to know that I'm a good fit. But maybe you have that low hanging fruit program, like you have that really cool detox program on how to get organized for January or just different things that are quick nutritional restart to kick off the new year. There are different ways. You may have a product and you can rethink that product for some sort of special experience and then you have a gift card virtually. All the different programs now or the software, most all of them come with like virtual gift cards. There's really kind of neat ways that you could think about yourselves outside of what you normally would be selling clients, if you can find ways that you sell things that you've already created, programs, meditations, all the different resource libraries. You have an annual pass to my amazing downloaded library. There's all sorts of things that you probably have that you don't think about putting into a gift. Like what that would look like for somebody.

Sonya Stattmann: 13:24 And I think that's the piece. It's about getting creative and it's about determining what you really want. I think the most important thing is that you keep your momentum up. Because what I see happening around this time period is people start really losing momentum. And they think, oh, I'll just wait till next year to do anything. Or you know what, it's done. It's over. It's almost like a kind of a giving up like, yeah, there's no point. And the problem is then what happens is next year you've lost all that momentum for December and the beginning of January, and maybe even the middle of January. By the time you get your moment back up, it's March. Like March is a long time. That's like December, January, February, that's three months of not enough income, not enough sales. As business owners, we do need to maintain some consistency. It doesn't have to be extreme. It doesn't have to be like I'm working 60 hours a week or 40 hours. I'm even working my normal schedule during the holidays, but I do think you have to strategically think. And I think now is the time, if you've got a coach, if you've got a mentor, if you're looking to get one, now's a good time to do it because they can help you plan. They can help you look at how are you going to keep your momentum. What is the best sequence for you to put your attention on? What should you focus on right now? Then take a break. Then what can you focus on as soon as the holidays are over? So I think these are really important things that help. I know for my clients, I go through a planning to help them sort of work on some planning right before the end of the holidays. Because then while they're on holidays, that can be sort of thinking about things and envisioning things and feeling things. That's a great time to plan and it's exciting and fun and you have a lot of space, but I'm also helping them think about diving right back in January in a good way, in a healthy way, in a way that feels really good.

Laura Shook Guzman: 15:15 If you do set this time, and you're very intentional and strategic about it, then you're really going to feel on fire and excited to enter into the new year with all of your new ideas and the things that you're ready to bring forth, versus kind of gripping onto the holiday time. Trying to be like, oh, this is going to be horrible and I'm not going to make any money, and then you're kind of stressed out. What happens is we really don't even give ourselves space because we're stressed out about the fact that we have space and we're not doing things. So like to completely surrender to what you decide, like this is my intention and then I'm going to go all in and I'm going to have this plan, then I'm going to take a break and then I'm going to execute the plan. But your point being that if you create the plan now, then the execution happens like right away or even execute some steps this year so that you can flow right into it. But if you wait and you decide I'll just start all the planning and the execution won't happen until March or April. And then it's like, wait a minute, how did these months fly by? So I think that it's a reevaluation of how you've done things, realizing that if you've gotten stuck in old patterns or old belief systems that this is how it has to be, it's time to shake it up. And hey, you're an entrepreneur, so that means you've got this ability to pivot. Most of us wouldn't have gotten this far if we didn't have this ability to reflect on what's working and not working. And Sonya, you bring up a whole lot of really good ideas on the holidays. It makes me even want to start thinking how old this year being different for me.

Sonya Stattmann: 17:06 And I would really suggest like now is the time, like don't wait until Christmas holidays. Like I would actually this week, this very week, tomorrow if you can, take a deliberate day or half a day if you can, or even a few hours and actually sit down and feel into: A. What do you want your holidays to feel like? B. What are some low hanging fruits or some ways that you can quickly create some sales for now? C. And what's the plan for January? So I think you know right now is the time to sit and at least have a loose framework, doesn't have to be all implemented, doesn't have to be detailed, but even having a little bit of a loose framework. And put some things on the shelf like you know, I think December and January, except for when you're off, if you feel motivated and inspired and excited to work on things. I think big projects that are long-term, they need to be put on the shelf. Because really I think the end of December and the beginning of January are really a time for sales, a time for focus and a time for having a deliberate break. Now that's something that requires us to be more minimal. I think a lot of people are working on a lot of things all the time. As entrepreneurs, we often have many buckets, our hands in many things and we're often creating too much in my opinion. So I think that's the other thing is that we've got to minimize what we focus on because that's one of the reasons why I think a lot of people topple over the holidays. Because you're already focused on the holidays, you're already focused on taking time off. You probably have a bigger load and seeing clients, you're trying to wrap up everything so that she can have that time off. You're going Christmas shopping. Whatever it is that you do for your holidays, I think that what we don't realize is that we're still trying to get all these projects off the ground. We're still trying to get all these things done just because they're on our to do list. This is when it's really important to widen back and strategize what's the minimum I can do? And to me one of the things that I think gets dropped off too often is sales. Sales is always the most important thing in your business. We get so stuck in and I think it's because we're more uncomfortable with sales and because we really loved delivering and creating and doing. Like we sort of like procrastinate and put sales on the shelf, but sales is the number one thing. Sales is the one thing you never ever let go of. I mean obviously you want to deliver to your clients, but for most of us that's pretty easy. That's pretty regular. The next thing is sales.

Laura Shook Guzman: 19:32 Yes. And I, speaking for myself, think that a lot of those creative projects are ways to keep pushing back the discomfort with sales. Like sometimes it's like, oh, but I can't really work on that sales strategy because I was going to revamp the whole website. So like I need to focus on that right now and then the sales will come. But it's like then you just keep putting it off and like you said, December, January is a time to just be more like short game, a little more focused on what's already created, what can I sell, and then those things are then happening and that revenue is coming in. So then the revamp of the website that may start like first quarter of next year, maybe you begin some of that implementation, but you're not trying to get it off the ground right now. Like as you approached the end of the year. And I think there is a knee-jerk reaction of everything that was on my to-do list that didn't get done, I'm going to frantically try to get it done. But you give great advice of like shelf that are just like pull out your 2019 calendar, look at all of those things that were on your to-do list and just surrender to the fact that you didn't get them done in 2018. And that's okay because look at all the other amazing things that happened, and then start looking at is this quarter one, two, three, four. Like where does this project go? It doesn't mean you're going to put it off forever. Like find a place and you're going to revisit that in January as you checked to see the trajectory. But I think that would take a weight off of so many people if they really just looked at that list. Because even if they don't consciously know it, they're still thinking about those things that are on the list that haven't been checked off.

Sonya Stattmann: 21:19 It's one of the things a lot of my clients talk about loving the most. Like they come to me and I'm like, okay, those 10 things you're working on there on the shelf. A few of them are in the bin, they're gone. Don't even focus on any of that. And they're like, oh my gosh, I just lost like 80 percent of my load. And that's the thing is that so often we're trying to, first of all, accomplish way too much than is feasible. Like I, I honestly have yet to see a woman in business who doesn't have too much on her to do list. Like, that's really unrealistic. And so, for the most part, most of us, and I am very comfortable with moving things. So like my to-do list never gets done. I have no intention on it. I do not mark my accomplishment or my success by whether or not my to-do list gets checked off. I just move things. Some things I throw away that have been on my list. I reevaluate weekly, daily, monthly, yearly. What is really important, what needs to go on my list, and you have to evaluate, evaluate, evaluate. Because so much of what we're trying to accomplish isn't even relevant anymore. But it's on our to-do list and we think, oh, we should do it or someone else has told us we should do it or someone else is doing it, so, therefore, we should do that.

Laura Shook Guzman: 22:32 Yeah, if they did it, it was awesome. I should totally do that. And what's yours to do and to wrap up for 2018 and keeping that focus on, like you said, the low hanging fruit. Not trying to create something. I think that's the point that I made earlier to look creatively at what's already in your basket. Like what, what do you already have that you could focus on selling. This is not the time to create that launch, to do that new thing. Just like take what you already have. There's a lot of blogs that you've written that you could probably expand and make it into something. There's like content you've recorded, there is stuff that you're doing for clients already that you can just repackage it a little bit to make it appropriate for the holiday gift sale or whatever. So thinking what do you already have and what do you need to let go?

Sonya Stattmann: 23:31 And, I mean most people know that I'm like a one program kind of girl if you've got a signature program or a core program or one really amazing program, just sell that. Sometimes we're looking at like, oh, but then I've got to package something smaller, package something quick or refresh, just sell what you have that's amazing. And look at ways to capitalize on the end of the year, on the beginning of the year on where people's momentum already is. So maybe you pack a bonus into something that you already have or maybe you extend it as a bonus if people get in by the end of December. I mean whatever that looks like for you, use what is making you money. And really capitalize and utilize that because I think so often we're always thinking new and smaller and because even, and this is the thing, even like packaging up some of our previous content, we get lost in it. Like we're packaging it up. But then we want it to look good.

Laura Shook Guzman: 24:36 Oh, does this go with this? Should I wait? Is it enough? And then you're like in analysis paralysis.

Sonya Stattmann: 24:45 I know for me like sometimes if I go back to an old blog, I'm like, I really hate this. Like it's got some good meat to it, but let me rewrite it.

Laura Shook Guzman: 24:53 And you're rewriting your blog content and it's the end of the year. And, you're like, oh, wait, Sonya and Laura told me to repackage. Avoid the traps of digging too deeply into your treasure that you've already buried. Let it lie. And the consumers too, like I think we forget that it's still new to them because we feel like I fit this program out all year, like they're tired of seeing it. They already have heard this from me, like why are they going to buy it now? But guess what? Humans need to see things in front of our faces multiple times before we actually take in that information. And so you might just be sending at just the right time that they're looking in this moment for that content and they're going to see it in a way they haven't seen it before. So remembering like multiple times in front of people before they see what you're trying to offer them. And that's a really common mistake. I see so many people making, and I've even experienced it where I have a program and I'm excited about it, but I kind of get distracted and then I go back and try to find it and they like changed it three or four times. And I'm like where's that really awesome thing that you had?

Sonya Stattmann: 26:14 Well and that's the thing is that people chop and change I think too quickly. And so this is why I'm all for the core. Do something that's core, do something that's high value, high impact that you can continue to improve on for a long time. Sell that, sell that, sell that. Don't create something new. Something else. Something. It's like people start to realize as they build momentum on a product or program that over time it actually builds if it's good. Which most people can create something really good. I think it builds and instead of recognizing at the beginning all that didn't work and giving up so quickly and then they're doing something else, doing something else. And sometimes the model is broken, sometimes it isn't the right fit, sometimes it isn't the right program and this is where you can get some support and help. But I think that yeah, it's really about doing what is easiest, doing what is core. Because again, it's that focus on sales. Like I think December and January are a time for sales and I think sometimes we're so uncomfortable with selling and we're so uncomfortable with communicating our value that we're like, let's create new. Like new is exciting, but actually stable is exciting. Like what you've proven in the past, what's worked already for people. That's what's exciting.

Laura Shook Guzman: 27:37 We overcomplicate things and we are supporting ourselves this holiday season to simplify. Simplify. Strategize. And take time off.

Sonya Stattmann: 27:49 Yes, exactly. Definitely. And I think the more simplified you are in general, like throughout the year, not just towards the end. The more simple you are, the more strategic you are all around, then the more balance you have all year round. So I think that's really important, but right now obviously we're talking about sort of as we move into these holidays, but I think this is something that can be applied all year round. Like we should be taking regular time off. We should be supporting ourselves for self-care. We should be having balance, we should be simplifying, we should be focused on sales. All of these lessons are applicable all year round. So yeah, look, I think, some of this is really about understanding our own momentum and our own energy and where we get ourselves stuck and where we get in our own way because that's what I see during the holidays. It's a lot of self-sabotage, We sabotage our energy because we overcommit, we try to get too much done, we try to finish everything we had don our to do this for 2018 to prove to ourselves that we can do it. We really sabotaged it. And then we are quite exhausted going into the new year. And that's not what this time is about. It's about being able to finish off strong, have an amazing renewal recovery, relaxation time period and then jumping back in in January, refreshed.

Laura Shook Guzman: 29:20 Yes. And I am a big proponent of let go of the hostess with the mostess. Like if you're one of those trying to make the holidays for everyone else. Amazing. Just pause and ask like, do I really need to do that extra thing or can I ask somebody else to bring a dish or everybody to bring a dish to share instead of being the one that cooks the entire holiday dinner. Or when you're shopping, are there ways you can simplify that process? I can catch myself over-doing during the holidays and I have to pause and just say, is this really necessary? Is anybody going notice if I don't do this? Probably not. It's more of something that I put on my plate that I can easily take off and most people wouldn't even know it was supposed to be there. It was just something I was doing.

Sonya Stattmann: 30:16 Yeah, I mean it's really a good time to evaluate our obligations. Like first of all, we don't actually have obligations. We make them. We agreed to them no matter what anyone else believes. You're not a victim. You agree to the obligations. And I think sometimes we have to reevaluate like every year I do this and maybe this year I don't want to. Or maybe this year it's better for me to compromise or it's better for me to ask for help or these different things. And if you want a quiet holiday, have one. I'll tell you, it was amazing last year. This year we're going to Bali and we're going to not be with anybody except ourselves in a tropical beautiful area. And I think it really can be what you want and what you want to experience. And so just really honor what you need. If you have to talk to a partner, you have to talk to your parents, you have to talk to some family members, I mean obviously the holidays is a time for family.

Laura Shook Guzman: 31:14 Yeah. And so do family members that have expectations but also want to keep it the same. Let's try something different, noooo.

Sonya Stattmann: 31:22 But give yourself permission to have a conversation with them to really say, look, here's what I want this year. And I know it's different and I know you may not be happy with it, but if anything, compromise. But don't give up fully what you want for yourself and what you think you need in order to serve someone else. Like I think that's one of the reasons why we lose so much energy and one of the reasons why we struggle with our own momentum and energy is that we're constantly giving up, completely what we want for someone else. And so, you know, at least we need to learn to better compromise and give ourselves permission to walk what we want.

Laura Shook Guzman: 31:59 Exactly. It's good holiday advice.

Sonya Stattmann: 32:05 Alright, well thank you all for joining us. And as I said, I really encourage you to take some time out over the next week. Don't wait until the holidays, don't wait three weeks from now, do it now. Take some time off to really think about what you want to create and start to put some of that into action. So thank you all for joining us and we will see you next week.

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