Women in the Business Arena™ EP185: Reclaiming Your Voice

“We think our voice is about how we express, or what we say, or how people hear it, or how people understand it. We're still framing our voices from outside of ourselves. That is not having a voice! It is 100% about expressing ourselves. It is nothing about anyone else. It doesn't matter how anyone else receives it. It doesn't matter what anyone else does with it. It doesn't matter if anyone understands you. It doesn't matter if anyone relates to you. It literally doesn't matter. This is about you reclaiming your voice: unaltered, unedited, and fully expressed.”
- Sonya Stattmann

We have really been exploring the idea of reclaiming our voice in the Women in the Business Arena group this month. 

We have shared so many stories about being silenced and acknowledging these wounds has been really important. 

But once we recognize and integrate the ways we are silenced (by ourselves and others), it is time to reclaim the voices that we were born with. 

Your innate voice is still inside of you, unchanged and ready to be embraced and elevated.

“There is a powerful practice in allowing yourself to be unedited. I think in our businesses, too often we filter everything we say. But the more unedited we are, the more real we are, the more of our voice - our really reclaimed voice - that comes through, the more we attract the people that we want. The more we repel the people that we don't want.”
- Sonya Stattmann

This week on the podcast we’re discussing the power of reclaiming your right to expression and how you can get started. 

We talk about why allowing yourself to be unedited is so liberating, how to figure out when to use your voice, and why speaking with your reclaimed voice is so much more resonant for your audience, clients, and peers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why our voices aren’t just about our branding and our businesses, but about our lives and our fulfillment, too.
  • What we can do to reclaim the natural voices we were born with that have been suppressed by societal norms and conditioning.
  • Why it has been so powerful for us to have this podcast as an unedited place to practice using our true voices.
  • How a reclaimed voice connects with your audience differently than a vague, filtered voice.
  • How we can stop framing our voices in the context of other people and focus on them as a vehicle for expressing ourselves.

Resources for this Episode:

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